Sunday, October 24, 2010


For fuck's sake....

I've begun my wormhole expedition.

After 2 days of bullshit scanning W-space to find someone to fight (that wasn't a Thanatos in a Force Field) I popped into some random Amarr lowsec and found a decent fleet on another wormhole. This is the engagement:

I won, clearly. Additional ships that showed up and did not die were 2 Drakes, another Hurricane, and a Falcon. The Falcon jumped back into the whole after receiving big damage from my drones. After popping the last Hurricane that had a point on me, I was forced to retreat to a station and rep up from 10% armor. My alt was 2 wormholes away with the logi ship, but I survived without it.

Oh, btw, this was all done without the aid of any of my useless alliance members.

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