Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Annoying shit on 10/13 (evetime)

For fuck's sake...

Timetable of shit:
0215 - Lord Albannii called a target being in Apor when we already knew it, and proceeded to scream like a baboon into the mic to get us to listen to useless information.
0233 - Targamarr asking to link the system we were heading to, when it was already linked.
0242 - We had to blob some poor war target like a bunch of fucking noobs... its the only way to provide that we don't get massacred, which is generally the most common outcome.

0304 - My gloriousness caused THE GOD SQUAD to retract the war. They probably felt bad for all the fuckheads in my alliance constantly losing ships.

0325 - Engagement in Anttiri FAILURE! I warped fleet when trying to get my my ass away from their idiocy, telling them to ctrl-space. NONE LISTENED. Useless idiots. No wonder they retracted the war, I'd be embarrassed to see this shit too.

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