Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hey guys, can I come help you with your kill? Lol, jk, I'll do it myself!

So some asshole who's never on vent, Bastilla I think, scans out a mission running Domi in ane. He warps out and logs, though the mission isn't finished yet. As we are fucking pathetic we are all more than willing to wait an indefinite period of time to kill some shit fit mission battleship in some gloriously OTT fireball.

He logs back on, and Bastilla and Col Relentless are waiting in one of the rooms of the guy's mission for when he warps back. I naturally decide this is a perfect time for my first Vindi kill (though, weirdly enough, not actually the first kill the ship itself has done ) and I get to Ane. The domi warps to the mission and I ask if I should warp after him. I get an OK from Col.

I have to admit at this point I already knew how this would end. But hey, I was just following orders!

I warp in and he's on the first acceleration gate. As he warps through he obviously must have seen me. I follow straight through after him and it turns out the rest of those fucktards decided to wait in the 2nd room rather than the 1st. Surprise surprise, I land 5km from the guy as he's already aligning for something.

Fuck the rest of them.

I am teh leet hax pvp pilot.

Col starts fagging out on vent, something about how they scanned the guy out and waited 30 minutes for him only for me to swoop in and asplode his pixels. I reassured him that he was a valuable team player and that he should sleep well knowing he got me an easy BS kill without me having to put in any work whatsoever.

I think he took it well, though he mumbled something about never letting me know when he finds a ship ever again. He'll probably get his ass kicked so it should prove entertaining.

Also, on the subject of needless OTT kills, some warts came into Sey/Ane and, with the aid of a Falcon and what looked to be another neutral falcon, 2 brutixes and a sleipnir, proceeded to pummel our t1 cruiser asses into the ground.

Naturally I got butthurt, so when they returned in battleships I was determined that EVERYTHING I COULD POINT WOULD FUCKING DIE. As I could only point 1 thing, it died. I also may have blown on the Smerg bugle a little needlessly and summoned way OTT blackup.

(An archive image of beaner previously blowing the Smerg Bugle )

So another quality kill was achieved.

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