Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mother Fucker

So, today I was home chowing on some leftover chink food. Then then he mother fuckin phone rings. Surprise surprise it's the old lady her mother fucking car died. She is all flustered because It is in the middle of the mother fucking road, after doing a illegal u-turn. So I'm like, mother fucker cause i got to put pants on and save her ass right. Anyway i get her home, I take my pants off all exited to eat my chink food. Only to realize its mother fucking cold now. I didn't want to re-heat it since i did once already. So mother fucker i was pissed. Also I forgot to mention it rained all mother fucking night. Now I'm fuckin wet, cold, and hungry all because of her, and she didn't even thank me FUCK.



  1. I don't care about your life. Poast about eve

  2. Keep poasting about RL, it funny cuz it trolls tubes.