Thursday, October 14, 2010

Multiple Accounts and Deleting Chars

For fuck's sake...

So this noob, Bracel/Vikrosa has deleted a SECOND toon. Seriously? The first time he did it was because he emoraged since his secstatus was below -5 and he never made an effort whatsoever to get his sec back up via minor effort (ratting occasionally). There are fags in the alliance like Yin, Nenoco, Huntin4Penis69, etc that are fine being -10 and all, and thankfully they aren't part of the retards that bitch that "we don't do anything wahhhhhhhhhhh you are so BORING!" like half the retards that ragequit the alliance. Bracel, on the other hand, is a true winner. Instead of putting forward any shred of effort to maintain his character he just deletes the fucking toon when he rages. This is such an awesome idea, btw. Everyone that rages should adopt the "undo all the effort from the past months/years of training and start-from-scratch" approach. I've had idiots in the alliance that have done this before, but never a two-timer. This is truly extraordinary retardation. Once again, though, there is little surprise that someone of this caliber had been allowed into SMERG.... twice. We will not, however, give this fuck head another chance..

On a similar level of genius, I support any player that adopts the Lord AlbannII approach to Eve: Train multiple characters on one account. Shawngreenvine once was this brilliant, and was somehow exploiting, training both accounts simultaneously (but he was a notorious troll, and most likely was lying). If everyone else in the alliance did the same thing, we could have 3 shit toons per player, which is a better excuse for sucking at this game than whatever the fuck they claim is the cause today.

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