Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Return of Hell's Rejects

For fuck's sake...

I guess the HR and BP and their alts etc have come back to Seyllin, I suppose they assume they will get a good fight from us (lol, US, lolzzzz) or something. Their definition of a good fight, as most define it, is they drop carriers on any sizable force we assemble, so they're going to have to fight against the swarm of Tristans and Vexors we have accumulated for the now-dying 0rphanage war. This one engagement:


put us over them in the current campaign:


as far as isk-value is concerned, and I can't imagine they'll be excited losing more expensive stuff they insist on flying to our shit fleets of shit ships with shit FC's. With enough retards, one could move the world.

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