Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trickling Failure

For fuck's sake...

Noob (blackjackwhitey) was in Dodixie, for whatever reason, in a nemesis, for whatever reason, crying in alliance chat that 2+ wt's were camping him. Col went to check it, yup, confirmed, a noob NOT ON VENT was crying about shit we told him to now allow himself to be trapped in. I logged off my alt, logged into Burseg, flew to Dix, got a ragtag fleet together, jumped in. Iron and Seth were not paying attention, warped in WELL after I was dead, so we managed to all get picked off one by one. Another in the long list of failures from this inept alliance I torture myself with running.... Just wait for the day they all cry that I never tell them about fleet ops.

Here's the aftermath, btw:

Oh yea, and neutral RR was prevalent in the last moments of the fight, making it a no-win anyway, but still.

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