Thursday, October 14, 2010

War in Jita, Followed by Diplomacy retardation

For fuck's sake...

Okay, we get bored in Sey, decide to head to Jita, a wartarget stronghold. Since we suck serious balls, it would most certainly end in total disaster. Which it did. Tubes, the mission running fag, couldn't hack being able to warp away from an engagement and got pwned when my tactical sense was tingling and told us to leave. Also, salid's new "main" got popped immediately on warp-in, due to him sucking complete ass as well.

Move forward an hour. We got into Amarr space, chased some war target in a curse, who then logged mid-warp. I attempted to have my members go get me a scan probe launcher (which took them about 5m to pull off, no surprise) and tried scanning the target. This failed due to Salid being retarded. End of story.

Another hour or so, we move into Seyllin. We rat for a bit, and one of our members, Huntin4Penis, gets pointed by a blue, after we already warned the guy in the past 24 hrs that it will cost his corp "blue" standings. It's good to see that not only General Tso's alliance is completely fucking stupid and can't understand directions. We killed his damnation.

Naturally I pulled all the weight. Jade was in a fucking retriever... no surprise there either. There was all kinds of delicious rage in local, and general acceptance from that blue's corpmates. They know the rules.

And now DEP is neutral. Let the chaos in Seyllin begin.

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