Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Suck Serious Balls At War

For fuck's sake...

Well, leave it to General Tso's Alliance (headed by my shit head corp, SMERG) to get their shit CRUSHED by two separate merc alliances, The 0rphanage and THE GOD SQUAD. Our losses are staggering, no surprise. We seriously suck ass at this game. Check these stats:

Over 100 losses.... you have got to be fucking kidding me. I try my hardest to organize and bestow upon these retards my wisdom of PVP, but I am constantly disappointed. It never fails. If I'm not there to coordinate at a level only Grand Admiral Thrawn himself could appreciate, they do nothing but fail. Even during my commands, the noob tards like anyone from .BMF. or even the Targamarr's and Justsharkbaits and Lord AlbannII's manage to babble over my orders as if they had ANYTHING of value to add at all. The amount of times I have to repeat locations and staging points and strategies has me popping Xanax like Jade shoves doughnuts down his throat, or Dark with cocks in his asshole.

Oh, yea, if you want more fail, check this bullshit:
This one doesn't have AS MANY losses, thank Satan. But give it time, this shit alliance will find some way to get over 100 losses. Just give it time...

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