Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why do men have nipples?

Short entry here.

So, I was sitting on vent (it was screaming because I was suffocating it) after half of the homo's logged, and it was pretty gay. Targamarr, his long lost brother Tex Steele, Salid, and Col were all silent, due to the fact that I love my voice and I was talking non-stop. During all of this I'm trying to finish jerking off because it's fucking 1 AM. Now, as I was looking for an excuse to log and fighting off the urge to continue talking, TARGAMARR, NOT JADE, brought up religion. REALLY?

So, of course, he goes on to say how his translation of the bible says how Satan = Jesus whereas my version states Jesus = Satan. He defends how his version wasn't translated from other translations; it was the actual word of God. And by God, he meant the words of greedy hooked-nosed heebs that had schizophrenia and wrote down what their other voice had said. Saild, as useless as he is, brings up a totally irrelevant point that "science always contradicts religion." Tex then goes on with his cool story about how God was a computer. Somehow, God created a bunch of men, and they started to have a gay orgy. God, BEING A FUCKING BUZZKILL, smote them all by crushing them with a GIANT VAGINA. God then created white people. To SCREW them over, he created USELESS Jews, Spics, COONS and other shitty subhuman races. I must say a weird position for a Bible Thumper.

So, RAGED AS FUCK, I tell them all to screw themselves, because I can't stand any more of NOT HEARING MY VOICE.


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