Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dark Drifter SUCKS

We all know it. Dark Drifter sucks. He is retarded.

First off, I can understand suiciding retrievers. Miners get really raged. Plus, the retrievers are easy as piss to take down. Now the noctis is released, and they're pretty damn difficult (about as hard as a myrm or domi would be) to suicide. Add in the fact that they'd NEVER be taking rats... This leads me to ask:



Here is proof that he wants to do it:

Sunday, November 28, 2010



on a related note, something bad happened Sunday, November 28 @ 3AM

I don't need to explain in anything but a screen capture:

Thursday, November 25, 2010



In a Press conference held by CONCORD.
CCP Greyscale Announced to the capsuleer community that all EMPIRE
Training academies will now be training their students in the field of basic learning
And personality enhancements.

This announcement comes in the wake of 4 months of hot debate regarding
The current lack of POD pilots ability to effectively train any given skill that is tied to
A particular personality trait.

The program its self will add an extra year of pilot training within the academes before they
Are aloud to board there first POD controlled ship.

All training skills will be removed from the open market and as of 14-Dec-2010 (pending extensive trials) all pilots with SP currently allocated within the learning centres of their mind will be wiped clean And replaced with a new algorithm that gives all the bonuses of the lost skills as a portion of the mindspace usage. Any SP that is lost will be refunded to those pilots, witch will then be able to be allocated to other areas of the pilots current mind state.

This is Dark Drifter signing off

So from myself and the DLM news station,

Live hard and get sticky

Source media: http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=824

OOC: fuck you jade ur alt is never gonna have more SP than my LEET pixels

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Redeemed My Loss, Mostly Singlehandedly*

For fuck's sake...

*By "Mostly" I mean ENTIRELY.

My glorious Thrawn-esque command skills brought glory to my shit alliance and I redeemed my Protus loss. Granted I let my alliance come and help with the engagement, but I clearly carried all the weight, with the exception of some random asshole from Legion of XXXXXXXXdeathXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Strangely enough, that guy has previously brought total-hell-death upon me and my shit ass alliance, and we lost several expensive ships. We engaged a bait Thorax, which opened a cyno that Titan-jump-bridged a sizable force that kicked our (mostly my useless alliance mate's) asses. Engagement:

Yea....... stupid alliancemate faggots.

Anyway, we had this fun engagement on the Mets gate yesterday in Seyllin.

Which more than equaled out my Protus loss in the campaign:

Fuck my useless alliance.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Message to Noobs: Train LEARNING

I'm not going to type a long blog post. All I have to do is sum it all up. DARK IS A NOOB

Monday, November 8, 2010


So, we hate all you dudes. If you're not blue to us, you're dead. You all suck. Wait a minute, I'm lying. General Tso's suck. You're all too heterosexual to be blue with us. We're too damn gay. And I guess we're too noob as well.

If you were reset, I gave you the chance to get blue with us again. If you promise to accept the gayness and take wieners up your butts. And in your mouths. And in our mouths and butts. So, are you interested?

NEW incursion PVE content! IM IN BITCH

well hellow every one, im Dark drifter.

today is a momentus day for the eve comunity, CCP have finaly "covertly" added incursion content to the "Tranquility" server.

this is how it played out in my words.

my eve day began with loggin in at around 1900 GMT.
My local and corp/aliance channels lit up with news on a new "sansha Loyalist" fleet was
spotted in the "Balle" system.
as the most seinor member of my aliance i put out the call to arms (5 of my most loyal and gun-ho pilots too up arms)
we took in a standard interception fleet consisting of:

3 ishkur class assault frigits
1 wolf calss assault frigit
1 myrmadon class battlecruiser

we contacted agents that could give us the edge over other "anti sansha" forces.
we soon lerned that a former member of our illustrias aliance "harbringer031084"
was leading the dark forces of the sansha empire.


with the help of various locator agents we finaly found out that the "sansha forces" was holding opssition in "Archee" (a 0.4 sec status system) whilst there MOMS harvested the populations of the mining colonys.

colrelentless our myrmadon pilot took the initiative and gallently moved in to the affected system, the system was surprisingly quiet with only our intercepter fleet and the sansha scum.
we did however come across come local pirates "serpentis corperation" they agreed to side with us for the duration of the incursion"

within munits aliance channels was flashing with reports of an enguagment in one of the affected systems many asteroidbelts, this was it, now or never, save the local population or die honourable trying.

when our AFs droped out of warp in to the asteroid belt, we could see that our battlecruiser was taking a heavy beating and in half armour. against all odds we prevailed with only the loss of our battle cruiser.
we however dispatched all but one of the incursion ships "a Keres electronic atack frigit"

the following link is a digital account of the enguagement :

this is my most sucessfull FC moment in all of my capsuler life



end personal log "DD 09/11/2010 botane info shard 6"

RIP Protus

For fuck's sake...

Well, the other day was pretty sweet, killed a Protus that opened a cyno at P1 in Sey for god knows what reason, and was fit retardedly. We killed him in t1 fit cruisers and BC's for the record. We were then curbstomped by a pair of reds that picked a slightly overkill setup of two t2 fit BC's.

http://chinx.griefwatch.net/?p=details&kill=7333 Protus kill
http://chinx.griefwatch.net/?p=details&kill=7334 Me dead
http://chinx.griefwatch.net/?p=details&kill=7335 Euri alt dead

But the uniform overkill is expected by now, except, I'll explain later my error in assuming a good fight could truly be had.

Then a wandering fleet of nanofags came through, we got into our typical cruisers. This is what we waited to see come out of warp.

This is the result:

We retaliated:

With these results. I'm the fucking man and tanked them like a God and my useless fucking corp dragged asshole coming to RR me. Bunch of worthless faggots.


The rest of the fleet ran away, like typical nanofags. Remember: why try killing something when you could always just run away (or something....? Defeats the purpose of a whole journey and even logging in, doesn't it? IMO, of course.)

Then they waited out GCC to escape, but Dark Drifter reminded me of my Grand Admiral Thrawn tactic of jumping into Mets post-getting-owned and collect killrights on targets they didn't expect. This is the result:


But in the biggest news of the day:
It took over a year, but the "Told Ya I Was Hrdcre" Protus finally bit the dust. The battle started epicly against the reds and turned shitty real fast. 3 BC's with sentries on my side was fun for a bit, but the Sleipnir was bringing it into the realm of 1-sided, then the Curse was the nail in the coffin. Until the neuts hit, I was making good progress against 1 Hairy-cane, the other was un-aggressed and likely to dock. Once my cap was dry, I was at 50% armor, and just scooped drones in the vain hope I could dock. This time I can't really rage at my generally-useless Alliance since I didn't alert them to the situation in the hope of achieving a good fight for a change (with no idiots getting in my way, as tends to be the case). This time, however, the help would've been moderately appreciated since the battle involved much more than I had thought were actually online. The Dominix probably would've faired much better, but whether they'd have brought a similarly overkill fleet, I can't be sure, but I have my assumptions.

Here's the mail, though, for lolz:

And I got my fag-ass alt building a replacement, and I've got concepts for tweaks to hopefully improve its universality, and I look forward to losing it as well.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Undeniable proof that Jesus = Satan.

The Christians in the alliance were bugging me day in and day out on vent why I say Jesus = Satan with no proof. SO, I READ THEIR BOOK AND LOOKED IT UP.
All you naysayers can suck it, I found proof in the Bible, and I scanned it and uploaded it!
Plox explain why there are still Christian people in the alliance.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


For fuck's sake...

We found out 2 days ago that Daniel247 had stolen a bunch of things from the corp hangar's PVPIP tab. He made off with approx 500M worth of faction items, but didn't have the sense to move the shit from Creo in Sey, so we just peeked into his hangar, and saw everything that was missing in his shit.

A KOS order was issued, and fooled him into believing that there was a "corp mining op" in Clort. He showed up in a Hulk, we scrammed him, and the convo went as follows:

[23:18:15] Jade Elaira > You've been taking stuff out of the corp hanger. It's pretty lawltastic
[23:18:17] Jade Elaira > But still
[23:18:37] Jade Elaira > We know what you've taken, so you don't have to deny it
[23:19:17] Jade Elaira > So here's the deal, we want 500 mil. Thats a lot less that what you've taken, and because bursegs and idiot I think that's fair
[23:20:15] Jade Elaira > If you can't afford the 500 mil, we'll take the items in your hangar
[ 2010.11.02 23:25:29 ] Daniel247 > to who are you talking?
[ 2010.11.02 23:25:34 ] Jade Elaira > you
[ 2010.11.02 23:25:42 ] Jade Elaira > We checked you hangar
[ 2010.11.02 23:26:11 ] Daniel247 > what stuff some ammo a few mods you think thats worth 500m?
[ 2010.11.02 23:26:13 ] Jade Elaira > thos true sansha neuts, those republic fleet disrupters, those faction EANMs
[ 2010.11.02 23:26:47 ] Jade Elaira > those republic fleet warp disrupters are 140 mil each, those neuts are 100 mil each, those eanms total about 40-60 mil each
[ 2010.11.02 23:26:51 ] Daniel247 > well i will return them its not like i used them
[ 2010.11.02 23:27:05 ] Jade Elaira > And I don't know how much more you may or may not have taken
[ 2010.11.02 23:27:12 ] Jade Elaira > alright, contract it
[ 2010.11.02 23:28:24 ] Daniel247 > loittle harsh you think? i have no prob returning the stuff like i said i havent used much but the ammo and no prob paying for what i did use
[ 2010.11.02 23:28:33 ] Jade Elaira > the stuff you've taken
[ 2010.11.02 23:28:38 ] Jade Elaira > thats what I'm asking for
[ 2010.11.02 23:28:45 ] ColRelentless > why would u steal shit in the first place
[ 2010.11.02 23:28:58 ] Daniel247 > prob and say 100m for the stuff i used?
[ 2010.11.02 23:29:09 ] Daniel247 > no prob
[ 2010.11.02 23:29:22 ] Jade Elaira > just contract me the items
[ 2010.11.02 23:30:03 ] Daniel247 > np will do now
[ 2010.11.02 23:34:06 ] Jade Elaira > still waiting
[ 2010.11.02 23:36:40 ] Daniel247 > done i think
[ 2010.11.02 23:37:11 ] Jade Elaira > there were 2 repub fleet warp disupt
[ 2010.11.02 23:37:17 ] Jade Elaira > you only did one
[ 2010.11.02 23:37:26 ] Jade Elaira > and there's no true sansha neuts there
[ 2010.11.02 23:37:29 ] Daniel247 > hang one one lit me  find it
[ 2010.11.02 23:37:29 ] Jade Elaira > there were 2
[ 2010.11.02 23:37:41 ] Jade Elaira > if they were fit to your ship contract the ship
[ 2010.11.02 23:37:45 ] Daniel247 > sent ya something
[ 2010.11.02 23:37:49 ] Jade Elaira > ill take them off and give them back
[ 2010.11.02 23:38:31 ] Daniel247 > k hang on there
[ 2010.11.02 23:38:34 ] Jade Elaira > they're in your hangar
[ 2010.11.02 23:38:36 ] Jade Elaira > we're looking
[ 2010.11.02 23:38:38 ] Jade Elaira > and the domi
[ 2010.11.02 23:38:39 ] Burseg Sardaukar > and the 2 neuts on ur domi
[ 2010.11.02 23:38:41 ] Jade Elaira > with the neuts
[ 2010.11.02 23:39:04 ] Daniel247 > can i contract a neut that is on a ship?
[ 2010.11.02 23:39:11 ] Burseg Sardaukar > nope just do the ship
[ 2010.11.02 23:40:14 ] Daniel247 > domi and the other disrupter
[ 2010.11.02 23:45:21 ] Daniel247 > the disrupture is damaged cant contract it will send rsest
[ 2010.11.02 23:45:41 ] Jade Elaira > and 140 mil
[ 2010.11.02 23:45:44 ] Jade Elaira > thats what its worth
[ 2010.11.02 23:45:59 ] Jade Elaira > 169 actually
[ 2010.11.02 23:47:57 ] Daniel247 > who gets the cash
[ 2010.11.02 23:48:00 ] Jade Elaira > me
[ 2010.11.02 23:48:06 ] Jade Elaira > it goes tot he pvp incentive
[ 2010.11.02 23:49:21 ] Daniel247 > done
[ 2010.11.02 23:49:26 ] Jade Elaira > you send 160
[ 2010.11.02 23:49:28 ] ColRelentless > 160?
[ 2010.11.02 23:49:28 ] Jade Elaira > not 169

This tidbit i left to point out that Lord doesn't even know how the PVPIP system works anyway:
[ 2010.11.02 23:49:31 ] Lord AlBannII > hey jade that sould go to me i've got the most ships lost in pvp
[ 2010.11.02 23:49:56 ] Daniel247 > done
We then killed his Hulk anyway. And let Col declare the KOS status.
[ 2010.11.02 23:50:25 ] ColRelentless > U ARE KOS NOW
[ 2010.11.02 23:50:40 ] Dark Drifter > yes
[ 2010.11.02 23:50:40 ] Jade Elaira > vote yes
[ 2010.11.02 23:50:41 ] Burseg Sardaukar > vote ye
[ 2010.11.02 23:50:44 ] YinandYang > vote yes
[ 2010.11.02 23:50:44 ] billybutcher > vote yesssssss
[ 2010.11.02 23:50:45 ] ColRelentless > YES
[ 2010.11.02 23:50:45 ] Huntin4Cloud9 > vote yes
[ 2010.11.02 23:50:48 ] Euridiclease > yess
[ 2010.11.02 23:51:12 ] SeththeImmortal > Vote yes
[ 2010.11.02 23:51:22 ] SeththeImmortal > you crazy bastard
[ 2010.11.02 23:51:31 ] Lord AlBannII > vote yes on KOS
[ 2010.11.02 23:56:00 ] Daniel247 > that hurt very expensive ship
[ 2010.11.02 23:56:29 ] Burseg Sardaukar > eh well
[ 2010.11.02 23:56:47 ] Burseg Sardaukar > what was ur reasoning behind stealing from the corp?
[ 2010.11.02 23:56:51 ] Burseg Sardaukar > just curious
[ 2010.11.02 23:58:15 ] Daniel247 > to use in or on pvp ships in sey /ane. not really for gain got stupid i have paid .... a lot
[ 2010.11.02 23:58:45 ] Burseg Sardaukar > u know that u stole them from a hangar that is used as a reward system for people that are killing the most thigns, right?
[ 2010.11.02 23:58:49 ] Burseg Sardaukar > people NOT like u
[ 2010.11.03 00:00:23 ] Daniel247 > understood