Thursday, November 25, 2010



In a Press conference held by CONCORD.
CCP Greyscale Announced to the capsuleer community that all EMPIRE
Training academies will now be training their students in the field of basic learning
And personality enhancements.

This announcement comes in the wake of 4 months of hot debate regarding
The current lack of POD pilots ability to effectively train any given skill that is tied to
A particular personality trait.

The program its self will add an extra year of pilot training within the academes before they
Are aloud to board there first POD controlled ship.

All training skills will be removed from the open market and as of 14-Dec-2010 (pending extensive trials) all pilots with SP currently allocated within the learning centres of their mind will be wiped clean And replaced with a new algorithm that gives all the bonuses of the lost skills as a portion of the mindspace usage. Any SP that is lost will be refunded to those pilots, witch will then be able to be allocated to other areas of the pilots current mind state.

This is Dark Drifter signing off

So from myself and the DLM news station,

Live hard and get sticky

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OOC: fuck you jade ur alt is never gonna have more SP than my LEET pixels

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