Monday, November 8, 2010

RIP Protus

For fuck's sake...

Well, the other day was pretty sweet, killed a Protus that opened a cyno at P1 in Sey for god knows what reason, and was fit retardedly. We killed him in t1 fit cruisers and BC's for the record. We were then curbstomped by a pair of reds that picked a slightly overkill setup of two t2 fit BC's. Protus kill Me dead Euri alt dead

But the uniform overkill is expected by now, except, I'll explain later my error in assuming a good fight could truly be had.

Then a wandering fleet of nanofags came through, we got into our typical cruisers. This is what we waited to see come out of warp.

This is the result:

We retaliated:

With these results. I'm the fucking man and tanked them like a God and my useless fucking corp dragged asshole coming to RR me. Bunch of worthless faggots.

The rest of the fleet ran away, like typical nanofags. Remember: why try killing something when you could always just run away (or something....? Defeats the purpose of a whole journey and even logging in, doesn't it? IMO, of course.)

Then they waited out GCC to escape, but Dark Drifter reminded me of my Grand Admiral Thrawn tactic of jumping into Mets post-getting-owned and collect killrights on targets they didn't expect. This is the result:


But in the biggest news of the day:
It took over a year, but the "Told Ya I Was Hrdcre" Protus finally bit the dust. The battle started epicly against the reds and turned shitty real fast. 3 BC's with sentries on my side was fun for a bit, but the Sleipnir was bringing it into the realm of 1-sided, then the Curse was the nail in the coffin. Until the neuts hit, I was making good progress against 1 Hairy-cane, the other was un-aggressed and likely to dock. Once my cap was dry, I was at 50% armor, and just scooped drones in the vain hope I could dock. This time I can't really rage at my generally-useless Alliance since I didn't alert them to the situation in the hope of achieving a good fight for a change (with no idiots getting in my way, as tends to be the case). This time, however, the help would've been moderately appreciated since the battle involved much more than I had thought were actually online. The Dominix probably would've faired much better, but whether they'd have brought a similarly overkill fleet, I can't be sure, but I have my assumptions.

Here's the mail, though, for lolz:

And I got my fag-ass alt building a replacement, and I've got concepts for tweaks to hopefully improve its universality, and I look forward to losing it as well.

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