Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Dark drifters log
Star Date: 22/12/2010
Locust signature: clort system
Celestial body: ane gate POS: 100,25,312-25,25,240

I am currently engaged in anti pirate activities, perusing the serpentis scum across the asteroid belt of empire space. Any hoo today I was informed of a hanus act committed by the lowest form of EGGER a mission ninja, the assailants in question fielded a legion class strategic cruiser, myrmidon class battle cruiser and an execure class logistics cruiser.

This small fleet stole from a black man! I MEAN THE BLACK GUY DID NOTHING TO THEM! NOTHING ! Surprise surprise the PO PO did not show, IOM if it had been the other way around u know concord would have locked the nigger… I mean ethnicly challenged individual up and charged him with :

Grand theft auto
Antisocial behavious
Sex trafficking
Space craft hijacking
Domestic violence
Hate crimes

To name a small percentage…

Anyhow. The corp. decided to address this injustice an set out to avenge the theft!
The non white person shot at all the thieves to attain aggression, the bad men in tern all shot at the shaded individual.

I took the initiative and went straight to the corporations production hub to guard the POS whilst the younger less pvp orientated individuals went to deal with the situation in hand. Their was a glorious battle where our corp. achieved 2 kills and one desertion, please see the link below:

So to sum my log up, if it was not for my awesome plan to guard the POS then all would have been lost, I do feel happy with my self, at least the African slave descendent survived ,


The Mexicant that could

So...I was sitting in Sey raging how Seth went afk in our insta that caused an orange to scan him out and fucked over the corp's insta when I heard a black voice call to me.. "Saggyyyyyy....nigga help, Im being shot by reds!!!" Me...being the awesome considerate mexican that I am, jumped in my Vexor, called out to all my inferior white friends and headed towards him.

As I was approaching Lord in his mission when I heard a Jew voice yell that he had a Megathron scrammed. I was quick to react and warp to him instead of helping the black guy. As I saw the Jew's Proteus fall into armor from the Mega's guns, I quickly niggered on the kill and bailed before the Mega pointed me. +1 for the Mexicant.

I gathered with all my fellow inferior white friends and got to Lord. We all then decided to point and shoot Lord before he died so we could be as awesome as Dark Drifter and gain more points in our killboard. After lol'ing at Lord for a minute Burseg, Seth and myself decided to RR Lord....the Jew proteus that was with us was being a true to his roots when we found out he didnt have RR fit to his ship.

After a couple of seconds of RR'ing the black guy, I then decided to stop and start neuting him a bit and take a couple of hits on him to see how much dps I could do....when all of a sudden a Myrrrrrrrrrrrmidon showed up on grid. He approached and aggressed me instead of the black guy, wtf. I scram'd, web'd and neut'd his bitch ass and he was down within 5 seconds thanks to my awesome pvp skills.

That's all I pretty much remember. Im sure there was another kill but that wasnt as important as my myrmidon kill soo watever. Penis!

-Saggy Ballz-

My missioning genius came through to the aid of the black guy

Another night, another impressive run of missions behind me: 3 Gone Berzerk missions, The Blockade and Worlds Collide.

The wallet was nicely topped up. At this rate I can soon spend this money earned from my missions to buy more stuff for my missions so I can run more missions. I love missions.

Though what I don't love is inefficient missions, but I see it as a way for CCP to reward me for my intelligence and ability to think ahead and reason out reward compared to time and effort invested. "But Sir Tubes," I hear you ask, "which missions do you deem efficient and worthwhile in your revered opinion?"

I look at it related to isk earned per "tick". And with this in mind, some of the missions I would highly rate would be the ones I listed above (of course!) as well as Recon 1/3, The Assault and Angel Extravaganza (barely) to name a few.

Yet there are some in my alliance who fail to take my advice. Today was a prime example of this.

Lord "Black bible basher guy" Albanii was running level 4 missions in a Dominix, a worthy choice of ship I must say. What wasn't so impressive was his choice of mission.

Massive Attack

I think this is an in-joke with CCP. You see, a band called Massive Attack had a hit with a song named Teardrop. When I used to run this shitty ass mission it would cause tears to drop from my eyes. Coincidence?

He needed help with some rats or something, which I found laudable as the mission has fuck all dps. Though it seems CCP has changed the way the mission works slightly. When their advanced AI detects a noob, black guy, or both, has entered the mission area it will spawn a Leg-ion-ion and a Myrmidon-ion to fuck around with him a bit. When he stupidly decides to fire on them, they will then point him and call for more NPC reinforcements.

As soon as I heard this from Lord my first thought was "...Massive Attack? Really?"

I decided I'd investigate in my craptastic scanning/cloaking Protus so I could laugh while he died. A few more people from my alliance came in useless ships, DON'T THEY KNOW A VEXOR SUCKS FOR LEVEL FOURS?!?!

Lord was in the 2nd room, but as soon as I landed at the entry acceleration gate for the mission, and just after I threw holy water over myself asking for forgiveness for entering this godforsaken mission once more, an NPC Megathron-ion rat spawned beside me. It must be support for the NPCs already on Lord. He can just about tank them but this rat would smoke his ass.


I knew the rat's inherent weakest resist, and began expertly taking the puny battleship apart. Burseg showed up halfway through, barely adding any dps, hoping to nigger in on the bounty I think. So did Saggy

For some reason I didn't have the ability to shoot the rats in the room with Lord, but Burseg and the rest exploited the game mechanics or something as they could. After almost getting his ass kicked by one rat Burseg RAN AWAY and sobbingly pleaded with me to borrow my "awesome rape face Dominix" (his own words) to complete the mission. His bitch ass moaning got so irritating I caved in, plus I could buy a new one no problem with all the isk I make missioning.

He proceeded to use my AWESOME FIT Dominix to rape the face of the Leg-ion-ion rat and take all the credit, while Lord and Saggy FINALLY brought down the Myrmidon-ion rat.

Naturally, even though the mission success was all due to my mission genius, I didn't get to keep any of the fucking loot.

This is why I don't let them in my mission fleet.

My tactical genius came through to the aid of the black guy

For fuck's sake...

I was minding my own fucking business doing carebeartastic bullshit missions, and Lord starts screaming in alliance about being shot at by "reds," which, if you are familiar with Lord, could mean anything at all. So we assembled a fleet of t1 Vexors to come aid him, despite our normal position of "oh, well fuck that noob for shooting the looters."

We arrive on the scene to see a blinking red Megathron noob in the first room of the mission. Myself, along with hoping choobs wouldn't fuck it up, killed the target, and Saggy got on the mail. Results:

Next, we went into the mission itself. This is a screenie from Lord's perspective.

We see a Legion orbiting Lord, killing him slowly, but Lord was definitely tanking it, but he wasn't taking the ship out either. We started RR'ing Lord, which pulled aggro from all the targets Lord was aggressed to, and the Legion thankfully shot me. He did not have the foresight to just point me and kill me, as he figured the black dude in the Domi was a better pointed target.

I slipped out of the mission and commanded the noob Choobs to relinquish his neuting Dominix to my control. In that time an Exequror and a Myrmidon returned to the engagement to back up their Legion friend. I warped into the mission and used the Dominix gloriously, much better than Choobs ever could have. Results of two more kills:

Once again, my strategic genius took command over a situation that Lord and the rest of my alliance would have fucked up completely. Had I not been there, who knows what the results would have been.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Plex festivities and sitting in Sey Belt I

For fuck's sake...

Well, as usually we got our asses kicked because Col. bumped off the gate to the Sey plex. Battle:

I was the man, but I can only do so much when we trickle into a plex. But anyway, Lord was getting killed (big surprise) and me and Yin glorious came to avenge his death:

Then the game crashed. Coming back in, my awesomeness went to belt 1 in Seyllin and this happened:

Then this in local:
FrenzY10000 > got my inserense and now my corp will be on you like flys on shit
Burseg Sardaukar > ok
Burseg Sardaukar > we suck tho
Burseg Sardaukar > it won't b fun
FrenzY10000 > well get you in high sec to you better fly small shit ships for a long time inless you want to lose money
ColRelentless > haha
YinandYang > AHHH I SO STARTLED!!!
ColRelentless > haha yup me too
Saggy Ballz > For the federationnn!!!!!
FrenzY10000 > you started a battle you cant win
Burseg Sardaukar > :'(
Burseg Sardaukar > i know this
Burseg Sardaukar > i'm sry
Burseg Sardaukar > does that count?
Burseg Sardaukar > if u come back u can kill me if u want
Burseg Sardaukar > i'll stay wher ei am
FrenzY10000 > bye fly safe ahahahaha
YinandYang > no balls?
FrenzY10000 > other acount loging in make sure you lil fag friends are there to
YinandYang > frenzy RAGE!!!!!
FrenzY10000 > if your bally enough stay there well be back
Burseg Sardaukar > NOOO
Burseg Sardaukar > PLZ DON"T
YinandYang > bring cupcakes!!!
Saggy Ballz > and penis
YinandYang > penis flavored cupcakes?!?!?
Saggy Ballz > Yummm
YinandYang > damn straight...
FrenzY10000 > bunch of fags in ships thats your corp name fags in ships
FrenzY10000 > were 5 jumps away
YinandYang > smerg = fags in ships? i need to learn how to read
Burseg Sardaukar > NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Burseg Sardaukar > I"M SORRY
Burseg Sardaukar > I"M SOOOORRRRYYYY
YinandYang > please all i have is this atron....
FrenzY10000 > 3 jumps
Burseg Sardaukar > :'(
Burseg Sardaukar > what are they bringing
FrenzY10000 > atron tackle ships ftw
YinandYang > velators plox?

Then I continued to stay in belt one and this happened:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Initiation? Yea right.

For fuck's sake...

Well, this happened:

Saggy was aggressed, retaliated, and killed the noob. He then figured it'd be worth a try to apply to our corp.

I, being the awesome leader I am, knew he was of no value to our corp and immediately replied with this in local chat:
[ 2010.12.14 01:51:15 ] Burseg Sardaukar > GFY (go fuck yourself)

[ 2010.12.14 01:51:25 ] Burseg Sardaukar > jinkinss
[ 2010.12.14 01:51:33 ] jinkinss > ?

But, after some semi-decent suggestion came from Saggy Ball's ass, we decided to accept him after all. We the killed his rifter, his pod, then his imicus, and his pod again, and finally his shuttle then his pod for a third time.

[ 2010.12.14 02:03:39 ] jinkinss > ya i keep getten podded lol
[ 2010.12.14 02:03:47 ] Burseg Sardaukar > WHEREE?
[ 2010.12.14 02:03:50 ] Targamarr > what?
[ 2010.12.14 02:04:09 ] Targamarr > Where are you that you are getting podded
[ 2010.12.14 02:04:13 ] jinkinss > umm where u r burseg, and u killed me lol
[ 2010.12.14 02:04:23 ] Burseg Sardaukar > ????

After a good time playing around, we got this information from him:

[ 2010.12.14 02:17:30 ] Burseg Sardaukar > did u lose skillpoints?
[ 2010.12.14 02:17:38 ] Burseg Sardaukar > i'm in seyllin dude
[ 2010.12.14 02:17:40 ] jinkinss > ya 2 lvl 5's
[ 2010.12.14 02:18:11 ] jinkinss > astrogeology and gunnery

This little tidbit from a BMF asshole was added in the fray:
[ 2010.12.14 02:26:47 ] Tex Rodgers > you guys are total scumbags, not one redeeming quality among all of you ignorant fuckwits.

Then we had the glorious idea of playing out a mutiny in the corp to get the noob to get his last decent ship, a Dominix, and die to us one final time. The immensely entertaining chat went something like this:

[ 2010.12.14 02:42:13 ] Burseg Sardaukar > so your finally coming to kill me, then, jade
[ 2010.12.14 02:42:16 ] Burseg Sardaukar > i heard you were talking shit
[ 2010.12.14 02:42:38 ] Burseg Sardaukar > i'll be in sey when you grow some nuts and come after me
[ 2010.12.14 02:43:14 ] Hot Tubes > you expect to face me and live?!
[ 2010.12.14 02:43:15 ] Hot Tubes > pathetic
[ 2010.12.14 02:43:21 ] Burseg Sardaukar > you too tubes
[ 2010.12.14 02:43:23 ] Burseg Sardaukar > bring it pussy
[ 2010.12.14 02:43:41 ] Hot Tubes > VoV
[ 2010.12.14 02:43:48 ] Burseg Sardaukar > ..|.,
[ 2010.12.14 02:43:52 ] Burseg Sardaukar > filthy egger
[ 2010.12.14 02:44:00 ] Hot Tubes > you are the filth
[ 2010.12.14 02:44:09 ] Hot Tubes > this will be your final fight
[ 2010.12.14 02:44:37 ] Burseg Sardaukar > well i got 24 hrs before you can kick me bitch
[ 2010.12.14 02:45:42 ] Burseg Sardaukar > i hate you f-ing carebear ways toobs
[ 2010.12.14 02:45:43 ] Hot Tubes > these next 24 hours will be your doom burseg
[ 2010.12.14 02:45:47 ] Burseg Sardaukar > u and jade are pussies
[ 2010.12.14 02:45:53 ] Targamarr > hey thats enough nasty talk no more of the dirty words men
[ 2010.12.14 02:45:54 ] Burseg Sardaukar > yea we'll see dude
[ 2010.12.14 02:45:59 ] Hot Tubes > we will see about that
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:05 ] Burseg Sardaukar > dude i deal with this crap day in and day out
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:10 ] Burseg Sardaukar > bunch of freeloading pussies
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:12 ] Iron Straw > guys settle down
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:22 ] Burseg Sardaukar > no way., we're settling it here and now
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:23 ] Burseg Sardaukar > in seyllin
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:25 ] Burseg Sardaukar > bring it
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:26 ] Hot Tubes > you've made some powerful enemies in the coastguard now
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:30 ] Hot Tubes > you're fucked
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:36 ] Hemasteroids > lol
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:46 ] Iron Straw > no need to bust up the alliance over it
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:54 ] Burseg Sardaukar > they are already kicking me
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:55 ] Jade Elaira > yeah FUCK YOU burseg
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:57 ] ColRelentless > fuck taht
[ 2010.12.14 02:46:59 ] Burseg Sardaukar > they voted me out of ceo
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:00 ] Jade Elaira > its time for you to die
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:02 ] Burseg Sardaukar > i lost my roles
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:02 ] Jade Elaira > you're going down
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:07 ] ColRelentless > FUCK BURSEG
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:09 ] Burseg Sardaukar > so bring it pussies
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:12 ] Burseg Sardaukar > fuck all you guys
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:13 ] Targamarr > Im tired of all the fighting guys cant we all just get along
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:14 ] ColRelentless > FUCKING FAG
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:20 ] Targamarr > what set you off this time
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:20 ] ColRelentless > NO
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:23 ] IvyRose > <--confused
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:31 ] ColRelentless > BURSEG KILLING GUYS AIAG
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:37 ] ColRelentless > AGAIN
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:37 ] Targamarr > STOP IT
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:38 ] Hot Tubes > that's what you get for being nothing but a hive of scum and villainy
[ 2010.12.14 02:47:38 ] JustSharkbait > fucking burseg
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:08 ] Burseg Sardaukar > i'm blocking all you pussies
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:14 ] Burseg Sardaukar > come get me when your tired of using words
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:17 ] Hemasteroids > Do it faggot
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:28 ] Hot Tubes > give us a time and a place dick wad
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:30 ] Targamarr > We are getting tired of how its always you burseg none of us can do anything right no matter what
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:31 ] Burseg Sardaukar > we'll settle this on the battlefield
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:33 ] ColRelentless > FUCK U I WILL
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:39 ] Hemasteroids > About time we got rid of you. This alliance has been going downhill since you became CEO.
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:50 ] ColRelentless > I WILL FUCKINKING RAPE YOUR ASS
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:50 ] Burseg Sardaukar > MUTED
[ 2010.12.14 02:48:54 ] Hemasteroids > Bring back Fightback
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:02 ] Jade Elaira > YES
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:07 ] Hemasteroids > Or even better, bring back Syn
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:09 ] Ming Yun > ??
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:09 ] Jade Elaira > WE NEED TO GO BACK TO THE MERC DAYS
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:11 ] Iron Straw > we'll i gues its only fair we did kill ayuzer for pulling the same shit...you're on your own burseg
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:11 ] Hemasteroids > Best alliance leader ever
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:12 ] Hot Tubes > ^this
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:13 ] Jade Elaira > THIS IS SO BULLSHIT
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:25 ] Burseg Sardaukar > ur a pussy jade
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:28 ] Burseg Sardaukar > ur not even here
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:31 ] Jade Elaira > you're a loser
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:33 ] Burseg Sardaukar > u hiding in your missions with tubes???'
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:38 ] Targamarr > Jade being a pussy is beside the point
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:41 ] Hot Tubes > fuck you
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:45 ] ColRelentless > FUCK U ALL
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:48 ] Burseg Sardaukar > carebear fags
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:53 ] Hot Tubes > you know the rating of my pvp fits is way higher than yours anyway
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:58 ] Jade Elaira > yOU CANNOT KILL OUR MISSION SHIPS, THEY RAPE IN PVP
[ 2010.12.14 02:49:58 ] Hot Tubes > you haven't a chance against me
[ 2010.12.14 02:50:00 ] ColRelentless > SUCK MY LITTLE COCK ASSHOLE
[ 2010.12.14 02:50:00 ] Burseg Sardaukar > PROVE IT
[ 2010.12.14 02:50:02 ] Burseg Sardaukar > SEYLLING
[ 2010.12.14 02:50:05 ] Burseg Sardaukar > NOW
[ 2010.12.14 02:50:36 ] Ming Yun > I'm gonna bring my Scorp Navy Issue and shut you all up.
[ 2010.12.14 02:50:36 ] Targamarr > Wait for me guys on my way to sey
[ 2010.12.14 02:50:38 ] Ming Yun > bitches
[ 2010.12.14 02:50:48 ] Burseg Sardaukar > YOU TOO CAREBEAR!!!!
[ 2010.12.14 02:50:50 ] Targamarr > Im in my abadon
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:00 ] Burseg Sardaukar > then this is going to be epic
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:04 ] Burseg Sardaukar > all the alliance on me
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:06 ] Burseg Sardaukar > pussies
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:34 ] Burseg Sardaukar > ahhh you are all here
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:35 ] Burseg Sardaukar > noobs
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:35 ] Targamarr > I told you jade being a pussy has nothing to do with this
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:40 ] Burseg Sardaukar > bring it the fuck on
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:47 ] JustSharkbait > who you calling noob you fag
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:52 ] Burseg Sardaukar > all of you
[ 2010.12.14 02:51:54 ] Ming Yun > I need a sec to unfit the mining lasers from my Faction Scorp tho... hang on
[ 2010.12.14 02:52:08 ] Targamarr > he calls you a noob all the time shark
[ 2010.12.14 02:52:20 ] JustSharkbait > WTF
[ 2010.12.14 02:52:30 ] Targamarr > Im not a noob have you seen my standings
[ 2010.12.14 02:52:31 ] Ming Yun > ...and to think... I just put cargo expansion rigs on it

We killed his Dominix, and his pod once more.

[ 2010.12.14 02:55:04 ] Burseg Sardaukar > LOLOLOLOLOl
[ 2010.12.14 02:55:06 ] Burseg Sardaukar > welcome to eve
[ 2010.12.14 02:55:16 ] JustSharkbait > welcome to EVE
[ 2010.12.14 02:55:17 ] Hemasteroids > Best coupe ever
[ 2010.12.14 02:55:36 ] Saggy Ballz > lol
[ 2010.12.14 02:55:41 ] Burseg Sardaukar > zgf
[ 2010.12.14 02:55:43 ] Burseg Sardaukar > gf* btw
[ 2010.12.14 02:55:50 ] Targamarr > you guys are the king of grief
[ 2010.12.14 02:55:53 ] Hot Tubes > gf
[ 2010.12.14 02:56:10 ] Burseg Sardaukar > what skill you lose?
[ 2010.12.14 02:56:29 ] jinkinss > more astrogeology

It was glorious, and caused that fag Tex Rodgers to pull BMF from the alliance. We are in the process of stealing as many members as we can.

Targamarr talked to the guy, because he's too nice, and gave the guy 5mil after Jade scammed all his remaining ISK. And we'll hang onto him for now, and see what happens, but we'll most likely kill the shit out of him when he gets something expensive to lose again.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Such a wonderful night!

If there's any reason why I can't see myself raging out of the game any time soon, it's because of people like Zealiff. But you ask, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GUY?! Well here's how it ALL started!

I was helping some weirdo named Targamarr raise his standings, when I look in alliance chat and see:
BastiIIa > can anyone here pilot a hulk

Well, being so awesome, I told him I could. But I had to ask why this guy, Mr. Kangaroo driven shit internet PVP, was wondering that? Here's how the chat progressed.

BastiIIa > because theres one near an orca without a pilot
Darkskies Siren > lol nice
Jade Elaira > @_@
Jade Elaira > WHERE
BastiIIa > in mets
Jade Elaira > brt give me a minute
BastiIIa > create fleet and warp to me
Jade Elaira > gotta log in alt

(I log on the nearest Orca pilot, Beaner'I'R)

BastiIIa > wait he switched from the orca
Jade Elaira > YES
Jade Elaira > 2 jumps
BastiIIa > hes back in the orca
Jade Elaira > let me know when he's not in the orca
Jade Elaira > otw
BastiIIa > damn he put it in his bay
Jade Elaira > are you cloaked?
Jade Elaira > really?
BastiIIa > yeah
Jade Elaira > is he warping?
BastiIIa > ill warp off and come back
Jade Elaira > i take it he was in a mission?
Jade Elaira > ah k
BastiIIa > no a miner
BastiIIa > in a belt
Jade Elaira > REALLY
Jade Elaira > omfg k

So, we thought the night was over. Being so leet and knowing how RETARDED people can be, I thought I would stay on the alt in a pod near the belt, and go back and fourth every once and awhile to see if the unthinkable would happen again. Here's a picture of what happened.

I own, you do not have to tell me. Better yet, I found out later there was an additional 29Km3 of ore in the Corp Hangar Bay! But no, IT DOESN'T FUCKING END THERE. I figure if this guy is stupid enough to do this, I should at least try to scam him. Here's the logs (Keep in mind that A. This in in LOCAL and B. BEANER'I'R IS NOT IN SMERG)

Beaner'I'R > thank you i needed a new orca
Zealiff > Thats not even fucking cool
Beaner'I'R > what do you mean
Zealiff > really??
Beaner'I'R > yeah, I'm confused
Beaner'I'R > do you want it back?
Zealiff > um yeah
Zealiff > but, im not sure how you have it
Beaner'I'R > you got out of it
Beaner'I'R > and i hopped in
Beaner'I'R > alright well send me 200 mil and ill hop out
Beaner'I'R > well less than what the ship is worth
Zealiff > its that easy to steel a ship?? wtf
Beaner'I'R > yes if you get out of it
Beaner'I'R > so, do we have a deal?
Zealiff > no man, just give me my ship back...this is retarded.
Beaner'I'R > 200 mil
Beaner'I'R > or i keep it
Beaner'I'R > like i said i needed a new one
Zealiff > i dont know why, you fuckers go around hoping in ships...you should have plenty
Beaner'I'R > i dont
Beaner'I'R > so, you're not interested? an orca costs 320, plus 20m for each rig, and that doesnt count the 50km3 of ore in here
Zealiff > its another damn scam....ur just gonne run with my fucking ship and my isk
Beaner'I'R > its a least 400m
Beaner'I'R > sure, right. i didnt scam you, i just got in an abandoned ship
Zealiff > im saying if i send u ISK...your just going to run with all of it.
Beaner'I'R > I'll take 150 mil but thats the lowest i will go
Beaner'I'R > I give you my word i wont
Zealiff > im so fucking pist you have no idea
Beaner'I'R > I give you my word as a PERSON, well beyond our toons
Beaner'I'R > I will hop of the ship
Beaner'I'R > 150 mil
Beaner'I'R > YES
Beaner'I'R > AHHHHH
Beaner'I'R > lol
Beaner'I'R > you just got scammed
Beaner'I'R > LOLOLOL
Beaner'I'R > how long have you actually played this game?
Zealiff > your really gonna fuck me again?
Beaner'I'R > are you willing to give me the hulk, too?
Beaner'I'R > because if you are, then YES I am
Zealiff > what??
Beaner'I'R > you asked if I would do it again, and if you're willing to give me more stuff, then hell yes
Zealiff > i gave you money man, just hop out
Beaner'I'R > but I need this
Beaner'I'R > and thank you for the donation
Zealiff > ur a fucking asshole
Beaner'I'R > thank you i love rage
Beaner'I'R > so how long have you been playing?
Zealiff > fuck off
Beaner'I'R > did you just buy that toon?
Beaner'I'R > please dont swear. There are children that play this game. I wouldn't want to have to petition you for vulgar language
Zealiff > petition me you fucking cock
Beaner'I'R > wow
Zealiff > im sure you've heard it many times
Beaner'I'R > alright
Beaner'I'R > no
Beaner'I'R > this doesnt happen very often
Beaner'I'R > people are usually bright enough to not do that. First time I ever saw it in a highsec belt. It's usually in a mission or something
Zealiff > obviously i didnt know someone outside of corp could do that.
Zealiff > that doesnt mean i bought my toon....then scamming me out of ISK....pretty sad
Beaner'I'R > Yeah I now. It's sad how people don't realize scams and obvious things like getting out of a ship abandons it
Zealiff > whatever fuck you.
Beaner'I'R > Well thanks again for the orca and the isk!
Zealiff > preick
Beaner'I'R > I'm going to sell it and buy me a PLEX!

So, not only did I get a nice new Orca, I got 150M to boot. I sold the Orca for 340 mil, 170M to Jade 170M to BastiIIa for finding the guy. Nice! I know, I own.

Thursday, December 2, 2010