Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Mexicant that could

So...I was sitting in Sey raging how Seth went afk in our insta that caused an orange to scan him out and fucked over the corp's insta when I heard a black voice call to me.. "Saggyyyyyy....nigga help, Im being shot by reds!!!" Me...being the awesome considerate mexican that I am, jumped in my Vexor, called out to all my inferior white friends and headed towards him.

As I was approaching Lord in his mission when I heard a Jew voice yell that he had a Megathron scrammed. I was quick to react and warp to him instead of helping the black guy. As I saw the Jew's Proteus fall into armor from the Mega's guns, I quickly niggered on the kill and bailed before the Mega pointed me. +1 for the Mexicant.

I gathered with all my fellow inferior white friends and got to Lord. We all then decided to point and shoot Lord before he died so we could be as awesome as Dark Drifter and gain more points in our killboard. After lol'ing at Lord for a minute Burseg, Seth and myself decided to RR Lord....the Jew proteus that was with us was being a true to his roots when we found out he didnt have RR fit to his ship.

After a couple of seconds of RR'ing the black guy, I then decided to stop and start neuting him a bit and take a couple of hits on him to see how much dps I could do....when all of a sudden a Myrrrrrrrrrrrmidon showed up on grid. He approached and aggressed me instead of the black guy, wtf. I scram'd, web'd and neut'd his bitch ass and he was down within 5 seconds thanks to my awesome pvp skills.

That's all I pretty much remember. Im sure there was another kill but that wasnt as important as my myrmidon kill soo watever. Penis!

-Saggy Ballz-

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