Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My tactical genius came through to the aid of the black guy

For fuck's sake...

I was minding my own fucking business doing carebeartastic bullshit missions, and Lord starts screaming in alliance about being shot at by "reds," which, if you are familiar with Lord, could mean anything at all. So we assembled a fleet of t1 Vexors to come aid him, despite our normal position of "oh, well fuck that noob for shooting the looters."

We arrive on the scene to see a blinking red Megathron noob in the first room of the mission. Myself, along with hoping choobs wouldn't fuck it up, killed the target, and Saggy got on the mail. Results:

Next, we went into the mission itself. This is a screenie from Lord's perspective.

We see a Legion orbiting Lord, killing him slowly, but Lord was definitely tanking it, but he wasn't taking the ship out either. We started RR'ing Lord, which pulled aggro from all the targets Lord was aggressed to, and the Legion thankfully shot me. He did not have the foresight to just point me and kill me, as he figured the black dude in the Domi was a better pointed target.

I slipped out of the mission and commanded the noob Choobs to relinquish his neuting Dominix to my control. In that time an Exequror and a Myrmidon returned to the engagement to back up their Legion friend. I warped into the mission and used the Dominix gloriously, much better than Choobs ever could have. Results of two more kills:

Once again, my strategic genius took command over a situation that Lord and the rest of my alliance would have fucked up completely. Had I not been there, who knows what the results would have been.


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  2. SETH's RAGE COMMENT: (Edited for shorted read)

    Once again the non-white element is not properly credited with being in actual danger!!!!

    This story is more than just two kills, it's about the perseverance of the non-white element of SMERG!!!!11 Without which Lord would have been raped, and the enemies would have left... Leaving everyone with blue balls and no victory to claim as solely theirs...

    To boil things down from my perspective a bit:

    I remember a couple things... saving Saggy Ballz's asshole from being raped using RR on him, and then also saving Lord after being severely neuted by either the enemy, Or one of our self-hating minorities (Saggy)... Either way, The RR and support provided by the minorities served to keep Lord alive, and also by extension, keeping the enemy in the field. Allowing the older pixels owned by whities to show up with the tools necessary to elminate the enemy.

    I was also glad to hear that the whities managed to kill an enemy noob in a megathron being useless in the second room. Cool cool.

    PS: I Dont have the same Insta-Outs as you Saggy!! MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET SOME SELF CONFIDENCE AND STOP SUCKING SO MUCH COCK. (And get laid... i suppose it's okay if it's a male you choose to do it with, that's your choice.)