Monday, December 6, 2010

Such a wonderful night!

If there's any reason why I can't see myself raging out of the game any time soon, it's because of people like Zealiff. But you ask, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GUY?! Well here's how it ALL started!

I was helping some weirdo named Targamarr raise his standings, when I look in alliance chat and see:
BastiIIa > can anyone here pilot a hulk

Well, being so awesome, I told him I could. But I had to ask why this guy, Mr. Kangaroo driven shit internet PVP, was wondering that? Here's how the chat progressed.

BastiIIa > because theres one near an orca without a pilot
Darkskies Siren > lol nice
Jade Elaira > @_@
Jade Elaira > WHERE
BastiIIa > in mets
Jade Elaira > brt give me a minute
BastiIIa > create fleet and warp to me
Jade Elaira > gotta log in alt

(I log on the nearest Orca pilot, Beaner'I'R)

BastiIIa > wait he switched from the orca
Jade Elaira > YES
Jade Elaira > 2 jumps
BastiIIa > hes back in the orca
Jade Elaira > let me know when he's not in the orca
Jade Elaira > otw
BastiIIa > damn he put it in his bay
Jade Elaira > are you cloaked?
Jade Elaira > really?
BastiIIa > yeah
Jade Elaira > is he warping?
BastiIIa > ill warp off and come back
Jade Elaira > i take it he was in a mission?
Jade Elaira > ah k
BastiIIa > no a miner
BastiIIa > in a belt
Jade Elaira > REALLY
Jade Elaira > omfg k

So, we thought the night was over. Being so leet and knowing how RETARDED people can be, I thought I would stay on the alt in a pod near the belt, and go back and fourth every once and awhile to see if the unthinkable would happen again. Here's a picture of what happened.

I own, you do not have to tell me. Better yet, I found out later there was an additional 29Km3 of ore in the Corp Hangar Bay! But no, IT DOESN'T FUCKING END THERE. I figure if this guy is stupid enough to do this, I should at least try to scam him. Here's the logs (Keep in mind that A. This in in LOCAL and B. BEANER'I'R IS NOT IN SMERG)

Beaner'I'R > thank you i needed a new orca
Zealiff > Thats not even fucking cool
Beaner'I'R > what do you mean
Zealiff > really??
Beaner'I'R > yeah, I'm confused
Beaner'I'R > do you want it back?
Zealiff > um yeah
Zealiff > but, im not sure how you have it
Beaner'I'R > you got out of it
Beaner'I'R > and i hopped in
Beaner'I'R > alright well send me 200 mil and ill hop out
Beaner'I'R > well less than what the ship is worth
Zealiff > its that easy to steel a ship?? wtf
Beaner'I'R > yes if you get out of it
Beaner'I'R > so, do we have a deal?
Zealiff > no man, just give me my ship back...this is retarded.
Beaner'I'R > 200 mil
Beaner'I'R > or i keep it
Beaner'I'R > like i said i needed a new one
Zealiff > i dont know why, you fuckers go around hoping in should have plenty
Beaner'I'R > i dont
Beaner'I'R > so, you're not interested? an orca costs 320, plus 20m for each rig, and that doesnt count the 50km3 of ore in here
Zealiff > its another damn scam....ur just gonne run with my fucking ship and my isk
Beaner'I'R > its a least 400m
Beaner'I'R > sure, right. i didnt scam you, i just got in an abandoned ship
Zealiff > im saying if i send u ISK...your just going to run with all of it.
Beaner'I'R > I'll take 150 mil but thats the lowest i will go
Beaner'I'R > I give you my word i wont
Zealiff > im so fucking pist you have no idea
Beaner'I'R > I give you my word as a PERSON, well beyond our toons
Beaner'I'R > I will hop of the ship
Beaner'I'R > 150 mil
Beaner'I'R > YES
Beaner'I'R > AHHHHH
Beaner'I'R > lol
Beaner'I'R > you just got scammed
Beaner'I'R > LOLOLOL
Beaner'I'R > how long have you actually played this game?
Zealiff > your really gonna fuck me again?
Beaner'I'R > are you willing to give me the hulk, too?
Beaner'I'R > because if you are, then YES I am
Zealiff > what??
Beaner'I'R > you asked if I would do it again, and if you're willing to give me more stuff, then hell yes
Zealiff > i gave you money man, just hop out
Beaner'I'R > but I need this
Beaner'I'R > and thank you for the donation
Zealiff > ur a fucking asshole
Beaner'I'R > thank you i love rage
Beaner'I'R > so how long have you been playing?
Zealiff > fuck off
Beaner'I'R > did you just buy that toon?
Beaner'I'R > please dont swear. There are children that play this game. I wouldn't want to have to petition you for vulgar language
Zealiff > petition me you fucking cock
Beaner'I'R > wow
Zealiff > im sure you've heard it many times
Beaner'I'R > alright
Beaner'I'R > no
Beaner'I'R > this doesnt happen very often
Beaner'I'R > people are usually bright enough to not do that. First time I ever saw it in a highsec belt. It's usually in a mission or something
Zealiff > obviously i didnt know someone outside of corp could do that.
Zealiff > that doesnt mean i bought my toon....then scamming me out of ISK....pretty sad
Beaner'I'R > Yeah I now. It's sad how people don't realize scams and obvious things like getting out of a ship abandons it
Zealiff > whatever fuck you.
Beaner'I'R > Well thanks again for the orca and the isk!
Zealiff > preick
Beaner'I'R > I'm going to sell it and buy me a PLEX!

So, not only did I get a nice new Orca, I got 150M to boot. I sold the Orca for 340 mil, 170M to Jade 170M to BastiIIa for finding the guy. Nice! I know, I own.

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