Friday, December 23, 2011

evading capture and family issues

personal log: tiagra drifter
ETDI: 24-12-Y2011 00:35
NODE: seyllin locust

start entry:

well first off news has reached me of my older brother.

it would seem that he has been raiding serpentis military installations.
he even had to hide his ship in order to evade a high ranking serpentis officer.
his camra drone footage shows hid genius.

on a lighter note me and the family finaly managed to pose for the family album

Monday, December 12, 2011

POCO Destruction... Erection.. Destruction... Re-Erection. Erection.

For fuck's sake...

After a mild set-back (pictured below):

We have redoubled our efforts, putting Customs Offices into orbit of most of the planets in Seyllin and Ane to counter-act the insane tax hike CCP felt was necessary for Planetary Interaction. BDEAL came through, annihilated everything that their superior numbers felt like destroying, and left when they became bored, as predicted. It seems only the idiot likes of my alliance can tolerate extended occupation of these two shit hole systems.

Anyway, we have replaced every Customs Office in Ane for a second time, and held all the "valuable" planets in Seyllin, with plans to slowly replace the remaining CO's as we muster the numbers and materials to do so. For the time being, I believe Yin is going to replace the towers he lost during the war, sucks to be him, but apparently he was making good ISK-age from that moon-goo-meth lab he had cooking.

We are most likely going to jump back into Incursions ASAP, for ISK, LP, and sec status. With Hulkageddon V on the horizon, and the boost to Catalysts/blasters from Crucible, we are all foaming at the mouth. It's apparent that 2 T1 fit Catalysts have no problem whatsoever of ganking a Hulk in a 0.5. Space will run pink with the crystallized blood, tears, and semen from gankers and ganked alike.

P.S. Made my first NeX purchase. Hooker goth boots for my slut alt. Now that there is full-avatar preview, it is almost* worth it.

*almost = not

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Hope Grinding Those Structures is Fun...

For fuck's sake...

After taking some time to wander the EvE-O forums today, I came across an old war target's blog post, that apparently won a short story competition. Normally I'm a conceited dick and don't give any credit to the accomplishments of others, but since this blog features me, I feel that I should give a shout-out in return. Congrats, Rhavaz, on your short story.

As anyone from 3XXXD can attest to, however, our voice comms are much more profanity-filled and possibly containing borderline illegal conversations that dissolve into a cacophony during PvP (or... what we consider PvP).

I'm still about 24 hours from returning to a gaming-capable computer. My rig, pictured below.

And my Alliance was fully prepared for my absence and took measures to ensure they would too "occupied" to log in during round 2 of the BDEAL war. Pictured below, YinandYang and Mary.

Apparently a lot of Yin's structures are being harassed and/or reinforced, so that's always funny to hear about. Both because Yin is inconvenienced and because it really sucks sieging shit, especially when the defenders don't particularly care enough to defend them. Lulz^2.

Intel I'm being relayed tells me that Pandemic Legion wanted in on some cap ship kills, so Dark threw away his dread for the cause. I'm sure much rage and smack was had in local while the Tso's guys took the general approach of laughing at our own idiocy. Great success.

As I've said many many times before, there are always bigger fish, but SMERG is abnormally patient for a group of disorganized tards and that quality has outlasted a great number of opposing forces. Entire power blocs have risen and collapsed elsewhere in EvE, infamous Merc Alliances have splintered into less effective shards of their former glory, but Tso's carries on, like those warts in your urethra that you hope your wife won't find.

We are still corrupting the small number of dickheads that are immature enough to join us and remain among our ranks, and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


For fuck's sake.

CCP has announced the name of the upcoming winter expansion. And I, for one, love it:

It does, however, differ from another Crucible I experienced, as that one was more fun. Lawl, jay kay.

This, however, did show up during my Google search, which appears to be WAY more fun, for realz.

Anyway, I'll try to give as many details as possible. First, new nebulae, engine trails, shadow effects, and an update to ship models to V3 (Trinity brought V2, and its been several years. Also, popular theory has it so that the ships will be able to accept custom paint jobs and Alliance/Corp Logos. Look @ where that the Gallente symbols are.)

Some ships got drastic overhauls, like the Phobos.

And the Raven's hull. Some of the faction ships were reskinned, since their old designs looked like shit. The new Caldari Navy skin is fucking awesome, with the gray digital camouflage.

The EXTREMELY RARE Guardian Vexor has finally been given a skin to distinguish it from the tech 1 variant. It has the Serpentis Gray/Black camouflage pattern that looks pretty sweet, but pales in comparison of the Caldari Navy shit.


And here's a side-by-side of the Megathron Navy Issue and the Vindicator. Both are fucking bad ass looking, but once again, not nearly as cool as the digital camouflage the Caldari Navy has.

Also, some technical bullshit, like being able to drag fittings into the market and have the entire fit added to the quick bar. The UI is able to be resized, which is pretty sweet for old farts that think they are hip by playing space MMO's, but can't read without their bifocals. Also, new font is pretty cool as well.Corp and Alliance chats can now have messages of the day, get ready for many "Choobs is a Faggot" messages.

As a sweet foot-in-the door for mini-sovereignty in lowsec, they are allowing players to take control of all Planetary Customs Offices. We can set their access, and tax brackets depending on standings and alliance membership. It'll be pretty sweet.

Turrets, when they "miss" now have an effect that misses the target. There's a "loot all" button I know is going to take me several weeks to get used to. The maps, both stellar and solar, are upgraded to be easier to see shit inside of them. Something to do with anomalies was changed... don't care. Rumor-mill is saying that drawbacks from Boosters have been removed, haven't actually confirmed that first hand, but it would definitely be a step towards that "player enforcing Customs laws" like Torfifrans mentioned earlier this year, that would be coupled with Establishments (Crucible 1.5?). New cyno, as well, and a warp tunnel that goes black inside of celestial bodies and "emerges" on the other side, and actually visibly "warps" things.

Hybrids were supposedly going to be balanced, but the current "buff" is tracking and fitting bullshit, 5 second reload, blah blah blah. It won't cut it. I describe WHY <----here.

CCP has also made the monument at Jita IV-4 appear damaged. This was the site of the "Jita Riots" after the fail-cascade that was Incarna was launched, with monocle-gate and the Fearless newsletter, and Hilmar's personal email ("watch what they do, blah blah"). Anyway, it's an awesome move by CCP.

Last but not least, there are 4 Tier 3 battle cruisers being added. Their purpose are massive glass cannons, most likely to behave as anti-super caps. They each have 8 hislots, and as of this post, are ALL turret boats. The Naga (Caldari) originally was diverse, with the ability to fit either Torps or Hybrids, but that idea got shit-canned, most likely because it would relegate Torp Ravens to beyond useless. They are all fast as fuck, lightly tanked as all hell, and the Minmatar one (Tornado) is the best. Surprise, surprise on that one. The Talos (Gallente) will most likely be used to suicide-gank Orcas, at least that the Alliance purpose for them. (BTW, CONCORD'd ships will not get insurance, but that hardly matters.)

Oh, and something I might actually use, now that it is optional:

P.S. This:

I'm sure I've missed a bunch of shit, sue me. However, just with this stuff, this is shipping up to be the best expansion since Apocrypha. I've attached a picture of my joy from this year's Xmas card.

Monday, November 14, 2011


ok so today...

CCP released their final feature build on SiSi.

there are bugs yes..

but there are also..

  • new engine effects.

  • newley rendered shadows

  • new cyno

  • new nebula

  • new warp tunnel

  • textured tier 3 BCs

  • new raven skin (its still shit though)

and plenty more

i just wanted you to see what we have to look foward to...

Friday, November 4, 2011


ships log: 1956GMT-04112011






no locus signatures found




local chatter found...

dialect unknown...






language deciphered...

beginning transcript...

hiver alfa
Line 1 - swarm queen sighted POs- CHEPREN CAPSYS
Line 2 - home under seige request DN assistance


LINE 3 - DN fleet inbound 3 turns
LINE 4 - logistics fleet entering local space in 1 turn

hiver alfa

Line 5 - orbital platforms holding drones...
LINE 6 - Queen assaulting stations


Line 7 - new inbound signatures to your home
LINE 8 - V large DN fleet intentions unknown
LINE 9 - report and advise over? ...

hiver alfa

LINE 10 - dest... sup....eet...los...planet under.. bom...DN fl...
engaged i....casul....progect.....escape inpract....






signal lost scanning...





trace cut... line corupt









wow i dont knowq what just happened but i dont like it
i fear that this is not the worst of it however.


the war is over and TSOs came out on top

its not like it was unexpected, i mean wow we realy do suck. if i had bean around more
im positive that we could have hit the big 3,000,000,000 but hay i cant be expected to carry
this bunch of miscreants all the time. i did my part and made my mark

but eventualy i must let my chicks fly the coop
it is nice to see my little vulturelings sucseeding

FYI i came out of the closet today i cant belive i spent a week in there trying to board my slippers

on that note. "NOTE TO SELF" mindfold and quafe ultra are not a good pre party cock tail

end log...

system shutdown in




wipe SHIPS MEMORY selected confirm Y/N?




0% ////////////---------100%

whar merte 5nfr%er pore$£fre ...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

30 Minute Transition Time

For fuck's sake...

As the previous two campaigns were coming to a close, we received this little tidbit of information:

This gave us a grand total of 30 minutes to decompress between wars. Before I move onto the new war's launch, I'll summarize the past two.

First, the "We Aren't CHAEM" campaign.

SUCCESS. Despite ZorZ best efforts to make us fail, we (SMERG) pulled our shit together in several skirmishes the resulted in far more ISK destroyed than lost, and overall victory was achieved.

The BDEAL/CHAEM campaign is a different story. Our relentless onslaught of Battleship losses the first day was a massive tactical error in retrospect, but I accept none of the blame and defer it all to Yin's shitty POS's.

I'd like to take this moment to ask noobs a question. Why do you undock in haulers/mission running ships/mining ships during a war? Do you believe the war doesn't apply to you when you are in a defenseless ship? You aren't special, and "watching local" does nothing, as evident from the many many mission runner losses in the past.

During the CHAEM war, Rectanus, an individual I thought WASN'T a total noob, lost a Bestower.... right outside of Dodixie, most likely EN ROUTE to Dodixie... a hub where our war targets were known to be in. I've yet to hear an explanation, but I guarantee anything he says will be fail. Then tonight, Kaphine, a MinYin, undocked in Seyllin, after a night of insane fights, with crazy bloodthirsty war targets in nano-faggy Minmatar bullshit flying around, in his Iteron Mark III. His goal was to "get his hauler to Clort." Why he needed to do this AT THAT MOMENT is beyond me, and he was without explanation. At least Rectanus most likely didn't know that enemies were around.

Anyway, without further ado, the new war's current campaign stats:

A breakdown of the engagements:
1) The enemy showed up in Seyllin, with an Ares. We responded by unleashing our Ishkurs, pushing the enemy back into Mets, to the Erme gate. We then were ambushed by a Cynabal, Hurricane, and Taranis. The Taranis was quickly eliminated, and the Cynabal was keeping range with the Ares, which left the Hurricane as primary. Both I and Hot Tubes fell to the DPS before Bashar's logistics ship could get in range, and my destruction released the point on the Hurricane, so it escaped. The Cynabal made the mistake of coming within scramble range of the Ishkurs, and died very quickly as the rest of the fleet arrive.

2) We then sent Hot Tubes in his Vindicator to camp outside their main station in Villore, as the rest of us shipped up to our shiny fleet. The enemy undocked into him, and we warped to Choobs, and mopped the floor with the enemy fleet, with no losses.

3) We shifted gears, keeping the enemy always guessing what our strategy would be, shipping way down to our glorious Tristans (visible to the right of this wall of text-->). We managed to bump a bait Drake that was playing docking games off station, and murdered him under our bad ass wall of fire. We were pushed back from Villore by growing enemy numbers, and because a member of our fleet (Dark Drifter) figured that a better use of his time would be to go and kill some rats that were about 100km from the engagement zone for whatever the fuck reason.

4) Immediately afterwards, we sent most of the fleet back to Seyllin to ship back up to the shiny fleet, leaving a couple SMERG members in Villore to keep the enemy fleet interested. They included Iron Straw, Kaphine and Mary. Iron hit a huge lag spike during one of his undocking teases, and was podded, leaving.... MARY as our primary"hope." It worked decently, providing us a single kill as the rest of their fleet docked in terror.

5) We fell back to Seyllin, this time giving the enemy the chance to be on the offensive. They brought a pretty large nano-fag fleet, consisting of interceptors, Vagabonds, Cynabals, and a Hound. We reacted with the infamous, battle-hardened Vexor blob. The initial engagement occurred in a large, straight line from the Mets gate, aligned to the Seyllin star. Warping between the gate the star, the engagement was chaotic, and quite length, the kill board estimating around 15-20 minutes long. In the end, we had several cruiser losses, but we destroyed two ceptors, two Vagabonds, and a stealth bomber, AND held the field.

6) After a brief decompression time, we sent scouts to Villore and Dodixie to get eyes-on enemy movement. Since they are easily the ballsiest and most active war targets we have ever had, we were not surprised to see them still mobilizing. We spotted two in the Dix, most likely refitting new ships, and had to move quick to bottle them in. We didn't make it in time, and the enemy fleet moved off into Seyllin, most likely in an attempt to counter-blockade us. I flew the fleet into the enemy's fleet, and fought once again on the Erme gate in Mets. We once again emerged victorious against far more valuable ships.

7) There was many more minutes of chasing a Stabber pair and Vagabond around Seyllin, and with no kills, we eventually called an end to the ops. That was, until they jumped into Ane after Kaphine's hauler... This bothered Yin, and I quickly devised a strategy. After one of the targets said goodbye for the night, leaving a Vagabond and Stabber in Ane, I positioned the fleet on the gate, and commanded Yin to push his Iteron Mark V into Seyllin. The enemy fell for the trap, and after some dancing around, we successfully destroyed both craft.

Needless to say, this war has been the most exciting one in recent memory, and quite possibly, in all of General Tso's history. Unlike the merc decs we usually receive, these guys are based out of Villore, 3 jumps from Seyllin and are extremely ballsy, and willing to fight against our superior numbers. This war will bring hell to Villore, Seyllin, Mets, Erme, Botane and Dodixie, unlike any other war in our past.

We look forward to the remainder of the week.

P.S. One more Vaga to close out the night.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Operation "I CHAEM on Your Father's Chest" - CASEVAC Request

*dives into trench, grabs the handset from the nearby decapitated Comm guy... Mutters "fucking POG" under his breath*

SMERG Actual to Alliance BAS, standby for CASEVAC 9-line.

Line 1 - (Location) Ane Star System
Line 2 - (Call Sign) General Tso's
Line 3 - (Precedence) Alpha (Urgent)
Line 4 - (Special Equipment) "Charlie" (clone vat bay)
Line 5 - (Number of Patients by Type) 3 Papa (podded), 13 Lima (litters).
Line 6 - (Security of LZ) - Xray (enemy troops in area).
Line 7 - (Marking) - Whiskey Charlie (d-scan for the wrecks and corpses)
Line 8 - (Nationality) - 6 Alpha (US), 2 Charlie (non-US)
Line 9 - (NBC Contamination) - Foxtrot (feces)

How copy????


For fuck's sake...

CHAEM has joined the ranks of BDEAL, as previously predicted. Its a well-known rule of EvE that ill-equipped corps will find bigger friends to handle their problems for them... and by EvE I mean real life.

The war has been brought to the home front, or rather, our inferior neighbor system of Ane, where Yin put up a lot more towers than I originally thought he had. They made a glorious battleground for the first engagements of the escalated conflict.

Our first insane attempt involved getting Yin's carrier into Ane so he can repair his crap towers, while simultaneously losing all our BS's to a fleet approximately twice our size. Mission accomplished.

Next step involved warping our battle-hardened Vexor fleet against a lone Proteus, which was joined by a Hurricane and Drake. Primary switched to the cane, and but the onslaught of 5x the pilots against us was a little more than our brave Vexors could handle. Oh, and apparently my idiot piloting error resulting in fail-cascade loss of my Oneiros is counted as a component in the engagement.

Third strategy involved the first Beta-test for our sniper fleet. It worked slightly, but noobs being what they are, we still managed to lose more than we destroyed in the engagement... including a pod. We warped in an out for a while, harassing their fleet. It was surprisingly more fun than I imagined, and one Brutix kill more effective than I thought it would be.

The final engagement (as of this posting) happened outside our shitty home station in Seyllin. Of all the engagements, this one had the fairest number of participants, and was all-around a good fight. Something I can acknowledge about our shitty Alliance is that we certainly can come toe-to-toe against any similar numbered fleet. Sometimes these idiots still manage to pleasantly surprise me.

As of this posting, the campaign appears as such:

Oh, and the other assholes' campaign its better, after a day of me taking SMERG on an un-fucking spree to undo the losses ZorZ and the SMERG d-squad had mindlessly blown for the first two days of the war. I sadly feel that this war is going to take a back seat for the remainder of the CHAEM/BDEAL campaign, even though these Powerpuff guys were a blast to fight against.

And I'll leave with a nice translation fail or something... not sure if its a problem with Google translate or something, but this person didn't really know the meaning of English words, and I corrected him.
[01:03:37] some guy (sic) > hmm wouldnt calling us targets mean you actually shot and destroyed somethin?
[01:04:09] Burseg Sardaukar > no, a target implies targetting something
[01:04:15] Burseg Sardaukar > a victim implies death

Oh, I also promised our long-time-frenemy Nimits* that I would mention his small penis. I applaud him for his honesty, and welcome him into the club.

*Thx to Luav for spellcheck.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

WTF Did I Log Into?

For fuck's sake...

Since my RL takes precedence over the needs of my shit Alliance members, I came stumbling back from class to see this bullshit:

Which is good an all, but a couple blog posts, and very confusing stories on vent have brought to my attention a bunch of various realities:

1. Mary is fucking terrible at EvE.
2. Timmah0 is either the crappiest fitter in all of EvE, or a seasoned troll.

3. Smacktalking STILL makes the smacktalker look like a retard.
4. We will be wardeccing Chaos Empire.

The last little bit there is to finally step up and actually do what we have said we would do from day 1, but haven't done as of yet, for various reasons. The vote was almost unanimous on vent. Assemble the Vexor blob! As soon as.....

Since most of CHAEM are noobs and/or carebears, the floor mopping is pretty much guaranteed. My hope is they will catch the mission runners/Incursion-ers unawares and smoke them in their faction Battleships. Then we will get all kinds of tears from all sides.

And to close the night, a great quote from local, regarding my EvE-O forum post about upcoming Player-Owned Customs Offices (POCOs).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My finger slipped

Chaos Empire has been kicked from the alliance.

Don't get me wrong, I love wars. The reason for the war was stupid though (smack talking). And to make matters worse the culprit firmly stated he would continue to do it. He felt that an honourable 1v1 against our best PvPer would somehow prove, if he won, that smack talking is the right thing to do.

This made a lot of sense, or something, so we sent our best fighter against theirs.

Mary met Timmah in glorious battle at planet 1 in mets. Unfortunately there was a series of cataclysmic errors. I somehow repped Timmah and Salid somehow killed Mary.

That's besides the point. Apart from that Timmah started talking shit about bringing some dep friends (BDEAL) against us in Sey, then some dep people were waiting at planet 1 for the fight and in local.

Based on the smacktalking, the fact people within their corp was backing Timmah up on the smacktalking, and the dep connections, we voted and kicked them.


The Gospel of Eve, Pt. III: Mors Collegii Contumeliosum Est

Whenever you are lost in space, tired, damaged, alone, you can always take comfort to know that someone is watching you. It may not be physical entity, or a friendly pilot but His eyes are watching you. But when you are down, broken, and all hope is lost, you can always count on one word of truth for guidance, salvation, hope: the Gospel of Eve.

Part III: Mors Collegii Contumeliosum Est (Taunting [Smack-Talking] is the death of a corporation)

This is the Gospel according to Timmah0...

1st letter to the members of General Tso's Alliance:

Snakes! Heathens! Mighty rage will rain down upon thee from on high!!!! You have made an enemy with a individual who commands mighty friends. I will not forget this insult! You will be hearing from my scores of minions!

You have made a powerful mistake, and for what? You claim you do not condone smack-talking but I have seen on countless occasions, the indecency between you and your own brethren. Man0f0neWay has taken most of the punishment you and your kind of dealt out! I feel his pain. But still, you claim to be innocent here in this matter.

I tell you, to talk smack is not only a privilege, it is a necessity in the Eve universe! But I understand if you are too frightened to do so. I laugh at your trepidation! I know that you cannot ever deliver on your threats and promises. Not one of you has the skills required to survive in this universe and that fact surrounds your entire alliance like a foul stench. I regret that I have every become part of your alliance of cowards.

That is why I challenged you to send your best fighter to me. We were to settle this in the most honorable way there is... A fight to the death.

But you obviously had other plans. Upon meeting Man0f0neWay on the field of battle, you attempted to spring your plan of deception upon me, but you failed. In the ensuing chaos, your own man fell to his doom.

I laugh at your failed attempt to assert your dominance. And I laugh at how, in your shame of losing this epic decisive battle, you kicked my corporation out of your alliance. You are all pathetic and weak and you have no heard the last of me. The smack talking will continue and you shall not be spared from it!

Your former comrade,

Transcribed by Lord SphinctAnus RectAnus


Saturday, October 15, 2011

We lost a Chimera

A good rule to follow is always put a point on your ship first and then fit your tank and DPS around it. Even if you only have tank and a point, you are still able to get kills because you can hold a target there until other people in the alliance get there. My ares was and still is a perfect example of how you can get good kills by simply following this rule. Now, you may be asking, why the hell am I bringing this shit back up? A rather common situation happened today in which retards in our alliance failed to get a kill because a target was not pointed. So, that's why I am explaining this to everyone again in the slim hope that maybe, just maybe this time they will listen and learn. Five watched a Chimera warp off from a finished mission. Wishing someone, anyone, even for a few mins could place a point on that carrier. Turns out, one of them had a point and was jammed by some drones. We can lose targets all day long or we can start fitting points on our ships. It's entirely up to us.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

They Are Already Inside the HOUSE!

For fuck's sake...

Our Mr. Moneybags (Manalapan) decreed that he wanted a POS removed, and since 1/2 our dreads are technically owned by him, we sort of had to comply. That and we don't like the idea of Choobs making any more money in Incursions, so stopping him from doing that is always a good idea. We cyno'ed into Ane, with the usual hiccups of people not having fuel (stront OR isotopes) and sat around for another 10 minutes after waiting for Choobs to travel the hour from the Incursion constellations. But before we knew it, we were grinding that tower like no tomorrow.

It started all fine and dandy, despite delays, and it was only about two siege cycles in that we realized the tower DIDN'T HAVE STRONT!

It seems the Gods of inter-species homosexuality were smiling on us, at first. We entered our third siege cycles, taking the tower out in no time flat. This is when shit hit the fan.

Lol. Needless to say there was much fake-screaming on vent and sighs of acceptance from all the inept members of my shit alliance for the inevitable. The Nyx's chose a proper primary, Comm's shit Naglfar. They then made the mistake of shooting at BE3DEXOD's ungodly Phoenix. It was this mistake that probably saved half of our fleet, as we exited siege and made a tactical retreat of several ships. It was then that the late-sieged Choobs and Lydia were primaried, with Lydia ultimately getting her ass handed to her, and Choobs entering warp at half armor. This left Maren on the field, who then was murdered.

But, an absolute shit ton of stuff dropped at the POS, including ANOTHER POS tower which was inside their corp hangar array. We certainly didn't come out on top, by any means, but the entire engagement was a blast (lol, get it...). I enjoyed  maneuvering Bashar in a Viator between the fighter bombers to scoop any drops from the recently murdered dreads. Sadly the Nyx's caught on quick and just popped the wrecks, so the effort was almost fruitless aside from a couple mods from the Naglfar.

The scary realization, however, is that there was no cyno to bring the Nyxes into Ane. This leaves the only option that the ships were already inside the system, like a bad campfire scary story. 

Needless to say, we will be running locators on those pilots over the coming weeks to see when/if they vacate before we move into the next stage of Ane-wiping. It is a pretty big waste for three+ Nyxes to be logged in Ane for weeks, and I'm sure our ridiculous level of patience will out last them. After all, of all those that have come and gone from the Seyllin/Ane area, the only alliance that remains is our shitty ass General Tso's. Hell, gigantic nullsec blocs have been broken up during our existence, and we remain.

Oh, and our Incursion money will have to fund the replacement of the recently killed dread fleet, but orders are already placed and we should be back to full capacity within the next month.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Introducing Caid Sardaukar

For fuck's sake...

What a sexy slut. She's smirking at my small penis, of course, thinking "That's it?"

Meet my new, dedicated suicide gank alt. She's going to sprint-train into suicide ganking Thoraxes and Brutixes and perhaps smartbombing Typhoons. Since I have zero faith that the rest of my shit ass corp can possibly scratch the surface of my suicide ganking prowess, I created her. I did not feel like having Burseg going -10 again, as well, so this is a much better alternative. There also comes a time when you realize that you are just training skills to 5 because you don't want to be NOT training, and I think I've hit that wall with Burseg. So I'll be taking a break from training random ass Caldari ship skills I'll never use, and max out a suicide ganker.

The main driving force behind the creation of Caid was our venturing into ransoming miners in surrounding 0.5 systems. We will start in Balle, spreading into Villore, Clort, and perhaps down the Deltole pipe. I opened a corp office in Aufay for staging of ganking ships, and will be purchasing an Orca for corp use on Bashar for rapid deployment inside of Balle. I set up several safe spots above every belt, where our fleets will literally descend onto Hulks. It will at least look cool, even though it won't make our penises any bigger.