Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Incursions have.... broken shit.

For fuck's sake...

I log in to hear that CCP decided to stage one of the little roleplay faggot things in Seyllin, once again bringing hundreds of RP fags and noobs flooding into our system. So I warp to Planet 1:

RP was gay as hell, but I managed to get into the mood and contribute:

Slave Heavenbound02 > Wallow in your hopelessness.
Wedgetail > hopeless? far from
MidasMulligan wallows.
Wedgetail > try stubborn >=)
Mort Eveson > Hannah
Usaretama > We just haven't found what works yet.
BlackBurnedNapalm > where are the dreads whant you want them?
Argat Bogotsch > luls you're the one in the mom running from a small fleet
Ace Echo > you DO realize that you're facing 20,000+ capsuleers, right?
LMShinigami > That's exxactly what I'm implying. This device, if they bring it on board, or in range of the explosion.. it could rip this entire planet apart. If not the system.
Grim Darkness wallows.
Burseg Sardaukar touches his wallows.

A glorious addition to the conversation, if I do say so myself. So the Supercarrier disappeared, and was replaced with a MASSIVE swarm of rats:
They proceeded to massacre our ships one by one, pretty much with one volley. Afterwards we went back and salvaged and looted a fuck ton, under my glorious guidance and FC'ing. This is what we had to deal with:
And this is, somehow, is a piece of the engagement. Very chaotic, and we still came out on top.

And broken shit: crashes on log-outs, the new keyboard shortcuts are buggy as fuck, when I die, my HUD moves to a random place on the screen, and shaders on some of the ORE ships are fucked up.

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