Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pax Romana Faggots

For fuck's sake....

So, over the past week or so, these douches from the Pax Romana alliance keep filtering into Seyllin, sometimes bringing blobs or such. Yin has personally lost about 3billion to them in one go:

So that will be hard for me to bring my shit alliance's losses back from that. Also, their total kills page on us looks like:

But today, they were massacred with the aid of a Chimaera (Yin being the pilot):

They returned with a much larger fleet (about 3 domis, and one suspicious dude in a Domi, that was not part of their alliance. Also, in local was a member of Invicta (a long-known hot-drop corp). I took charge of the situation, getting everyone in Tristans/Vexors and such as always, trying to do my best to keep sanity while the idiot Jinkinns (the guy we podded a fuckload and for some reason is still in the corp kept feeding us useless, babbling intel.

I warp into the blob of ships, and sit there with Col Relentless. As I came out of warp, the Invicta Rapier bounced off the roids, and cloaked. This was proof positive that Invicta was on standby for Yin's carrier that they believed would be brought out once again. So, I, being the tactical genius that I am, ordered the fleet to not get in anything bigger than a cruiser and blob the targets in several waves. The result:

Rectanus, for whatever reason, thought it would be "okay" to bring a Harbinger... it more or less fucked our K/D Isk ratio, but we made up for it later. We consolidated our collective Killrights, and set off on our hunt for any targets we could grab. We snatched one up in Erme, on his way out of Seyllin.

Then we hunted one individual down to Stacmon, where I killed him in his Nemesis on a gate. I then camped his station with Lekgoa (who also had KR's on him) and he undocked a second time in another Nemesis and was promptly destroyed. Overall, the ISK value balanced out.


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