Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remember: My Alliance Sucks at Everything, not JUST EvE.

For fuck's sake....

So, with Jade finally rage-quitting, a new era of SMERG can finally begin. And with it, I thought it would be a "cool" idea to revamp the website. So, I asked the people on Vent who could program websites, etc. Salid spoke up, but said he sucked at graphics, and I at least appreciated his ability to judge his own abilities.

This quality was not, however, one that was across the board within my shit Alliance members. Targamarr spoke up, explaining he had ample experience in the field, and something about creating a website for a large company, I wasn't entirely paying attention since his attitude made him seem like a good candidate for the job.

And the results:

And that's not all. Our glorious forums that I loved very much now look like this:
So.... yea.....

Well, I got this mail:

LOL. I sent a mail to alliance:

So, I designed a prototype in MSPaint, and I must admit I'm not a programmer and could not actually do this myself, but the bullshit rough draft I took 15minutes to make is FAR SUPERIOR to the abortion Targamarr made.

I now tasked Yin and Nenoco (programmers with ACTUAL experience) to make a better main site, and to recover our beloved forums. Hopefully they don't destroy it even further, but, knowing my Alliance, it is a high possibility that will be completely down by the end of the week, with no ability to recover it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hulkageddon IV Victory

For fuck's sake...


And we got some serious epics loots.

But, more importantly: I won.

Yes, once again my glory as a leader had to pull my shit alliance along with me on my road to victory, with no other notable people from the useless group anywhere near the top of the heap.

I got my penis pretty much sucked by a whole group of various fans that contacted me during and after the event, all asking me the "secret" of it all, and since they are actually cool people, unlike my alliance, I shared my knowledge and appreciated the support.

Some of the highlights: (smartbomb footage)

Sadly, the best hate-mail I received was in Ukrainian;

so I had to get it translated:

Which, in normal-speak would simply be "moldy condom." Gross.

Part way through we got decced by Ad0pt (our 4th dec from them, including their Privateers history).

But since we were all -10, there wasn't a damned thing we can really do about it all, so we continued on with Hulkageddon. And we warped to the undock of Jita 4-4 (the best place to find Ad0pt when decced by them, since they don't leave the market hubs.) We blobbed with our massive force of catalysts, etc, and killed a Badger right under their noses (while they docked in panic at the sight of so many 1337 t1 fit t1 destroyers that were all running from the Caldari Navy.)

And it was our final kill of Hulkageddon, and was broadcast on our [old] livestream channel.
And, in the end, nothing of value was lost:

Anyway, hopefully I will take a break from my in-game glory and write more regularly, especially regarding the coming of a great age in General Tso's...

The rage-quit of Jade Elaira.

We can only pray this is real.