Friday, April 22, 2011

The End of the Crusades

For fuck's sake...

The wars have come to an end. We emerged overall victorious from the combined 4 Alliance conflict.

We did an awesome job simply annihilating Shark's corp/Alliance. The PEW guys were an all-around good group to fight against, and we struck quicker than their neutral RR could involve themselves. My glorious leadership brought us to tremendous victory in that war, commanding our RR Vexor fleets with absolute precision. One particularly glorious engagement involved warping our frigates to the PEW staging station exit in Mets, where we (mostly I) managed to get an enemy Drake significantly far off station via proper fleet management and coordinated effort (commanded by yours truly), and killed it while their Alliance stood in the safety of the undock.

We managed to lose quite a few ships to The 0rphanage, in their typical find-the-noobs-that-can't-fight-back-when-we-are-bored-camping-Jita style. Most notably, they (I mean one guy in a Hurricane) killed BCSUPREME in his mission Mega, which was shittily fit as most his ships. He was so butthurt, and massively overestimated his PVP experience/skill and got his ass kicked a second time in a "PVP" Myrmidon, which was just as awfully fit.

Anyway, this caused him to rage from the Alliance, complaining about something to do with not being able to afford ships (fitting T1 on T1 cruisers and frigates has been working so far in the campaign, not sure how this argument stands up at all), then later changed his story to something about PLEX. But anyway, Salid (our Landlord), contacted him about prices for renting POS space in Ane (since that's where his POS is) with the obvious looming threat that we would crush it if he didn't comply. He came running back, first attempting to talk his way into the Alliance when the wars were over, but I made sure he understood we aren't a holding Alliance for freeloaders that just want "blue" status to roam in Seyllin, and fair-weather participants aren't welcome. He changed his tune, and is now back with us.

We never managed to kill a single Ad0pt ship, as they require a large amount of time to bait and properly destroy their ships, since they flee at the first sign of a fair fight, probably because most of their craft are fit only to lock within seconds and gank haulers on undocks of major trade hubs or on the hauling choke points in Deltole and Uedema.

The other mercenary Alliance we didn't think we'd see showed up a day or two before Shark accepted our final terms of surrender (which I'll get to later). A Snatch Victory member passed through Dodixie during one of our camp-fest of Shark's corp, almost causing me to become slightly startled upon seeing the Abaddon on the Auvergne gate in Dix. We pursued the target into the system, and within about 15 minutes he undocked. We were full aware that there was a big spike of his Alliance mates into local, but we're used to coming up against horrendous odds, mostly because my ballsy leadership demands top performance from my inept Alliance members. Generally I'm disappointed, but this time the assholes came through.

Trust me, it surprised me, too. Anyway, the dude didn't manage to kill any of us (thanks entirely to my glorious strategy and fleet leadership), and we (I) pwned his ass before his fleet showed up and wiped us out.

We then retreated to refit in the Dix, where we then got into ANOTHER engagement, this time outside M20, of all places! Iron tackled the shit out of a Drake that warped in around 70km from undock, we crushed it, and managed to pick off a Jaguar before we all got annihilated a second time!

So, we got a few more good fights from PEW, but the wars began to fizzle, and we devised a more fitting term of surrender:
- Shark's Alliance is responsible for supplying us with 200 Tristans and 100 Vexors every month.
- For May, the amounts are 1/4
- For June, the amounts are 1/2
- After that, the full amounts will be required.

In exchange, we agreed to set his Alliance blue to us, ending our ban on blues for this one exclusive situation. We will eventually pay for the ships, at a date later to be decided. But as of now, they owe us at least 3 deliveries of ships, for the mental anguish caused by the Christians.

In other news, my Tso's Timeline project is "finished." Meaning: more polish is to come, and I still wish to add a lot of details on each member's timelines, so a lot of feedback from the idiots will be required. My end goal is to convert it to some type of smooth, possibly flash-based, interactive piece on the new website ( Currently it is posted on MegaUpload, and updates will be posted here.

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