Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's a New War Record!

For fuck's sake...

Four wars. This is a new record for us. However, we did learn a nice little tidbit from Shark:

[ 2011.04.13 01:56:32 ] Brusanan > Lol. You spending your RL isk on Mercs now? :P
[ 2011.04.13 01:57:14 ] JustSharkbait > never
[ 2011.04.13 01:57:30 ] JustSharkbait > :)
[ 2011.04.13 02:08:36 ] JustSharkbait > 5 vs you guys was kind of rough. So i wanted to make it mutually fun.

He admitted to paying the Mercs, and knowing how "professional" Snatch Victory and The 0rphanage are, then I imagine the prices were more than the 2.1Billion we are ransoming Shark for.

After much discussion, and my glorious abilities of persuasion, I coaxed the information from him that we required. We weren't completely sure of what completely went down with the whole attempted corp theft, and the general consensus was that they were all in on it (most likely Euri, too). But after much discussion, it was deduced that Shark was mostly forced to accept Harbinger into his corp by Targamarr. Shark claims it was Harbinger that was working on his own, and it all seems to add up.

With this new information, nothing changes. We will continue to keep Shark's corp decced until he either pays up or kicks Harbinger, now that we know it was entirely him behind it all. The keeping of the ransom covers any chance that they might be still working together (however unlikely at this point), and kicking Harbinger could create enough tension between the remaining 2 members for their corp to be destabilized anyway.

On a personal comment towards the entire situation, Shark claimed he wanted to know what it was like to be CEO of a corp, that's why he left. He then ALSO claimed that he isn't responsible for the actions of his members, which is completely wrong. It makes no sense that an individual would want to be "in charge" for all the ego-boosting reasons, but not want to accept any of the responsibilities attached to that position. He pretty much wants immunity from the downsides of being a CEO, but wants the ability to boss people around, I guess. This is very typical of most people that rage from SMERG to "run a corp."

So, 4 wars. We are currently winning 2 of the 4, with no losses/kills in the other two, and made a combined campaign for the total of the 4 on our KB. Even with my Dominix loss that occurred before the Ad0pt war went live added into the losses (which CCP reimbursed me for due to a new CONCORD glitch), we are still up by a factor of 3.

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