Friday, April 8, 2011

Not Once, But Twice an Idiot

For fuck's sake...

I was just hanging out in the station in Seyllin, working on my glorious timeline project, when a tingling in the force told me to get to Ane. It was completely because of my glorious intuition that I shot out of station, into Ane, and grabbed an Obelisk on the other side of the gate. No one told me that there was one on scan, and this is beyond denial.

I called my useless Alliance into action, since it would be unfair of me to kill the entire ship on my own and claim the loot for myself. It was not outside my ability to solo the craft, being that everyone else would only slow me down, but I was feeling charitable on the eve of war.

I allowed Dark Drifter to get the most damage on the ship, so he wouldn't sob himself to sleep tonight on his boyfriend's shoulder. The aftermath.

Yes, it reads 2.2B ISK destroyed. It doesn't take into account the super-rare Interbus Shuttle that dropped, which is worth approximately 250M on contracts. In my haste, I forgot to run Fraps, as I often do when trying to motivate the useless members of my Alliance, but took some good screenies of the scene after the deed was done. I'll refrain from using my tactical crayon notation device.

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