Wednesday, April 6, 2011

personal log anti serpemtis opperations report

dark drifters log:

S-DATE: 7:04:11 - 0114UTC

COMMS NODE: seyllin VIII-M14- creodron local station

personal entry:

today i uncouvered a serpentis outpost in the seyllin star system. being an upstanding member of the eve comunity i decided to rid local space of all hostile complexes.

the initial encounter with the serpentis task force was not vary challanging. i removed all the offending vessels from the pocket within 10 min.

:NOTE: contact SCC to place buy order for 100 batched of missiles :NOTE:

as i was mopping up the last of serpentis scum i recived a broken comms message to report to a refinery in ASCHEE. i could only assume at that time that it was ment for the captin of the tiieron that i had just destroyed.

anyhoo i followed this lead and after 3-4 seperate orders i was finaly roughted to the quadrent HQ witch was located in the FD-MLJ system.

again this complex was easily finished. apon killing the commander of the site i began to salvage the wrecks for potential good finds. to my supprise the commander was using special modules and had forgotten to place the blueprint for his vigilant class cruiser in safe storage.

all in all i came away from this adventure with :

corelum A-type medium armor repare

corelum A-type energised reactive plating

a 1 run vigilant BPC

5 shadow serpentis brass tags

5K shadow serpentis irridium charg

all in all a good day for me.

now off to save my corperations resident mission god. he seems to have accepted a faction mission and cant kill an abaddon class battleship. with his PROTUS


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  1. Confirming Choobs sux at PVP.

    And fuck your epix lootz.