Thursday, April 7, 2011

serpentis transport intercepted!

captins log stardate 080411-0320 UTZ

tonight i stoped a serpentis freighter from making it to ist final destination
the serpentis commander DAVIDSTUART was hauling illicit materials alegidly
used in the the proliferation of serpentis baces in SEYLIN and ANE

i was called in to action when my corperation leader BURSEG called over corperate comms channels that he had intercepted and tackled the accused but was unable to break its AWSOME tank. afraid that he would be attacked by serpentis reinforcements any seccond he begged my to risk my ABBADON class battleship to finish off the offending vessele.

CONFIRMED KILL 2.5bill in dammages

in short my tactical genious and undieing loyalty to the corperation enabled us to kill this mighty beyamoth as it lumbered away from the seyllin gate in ane.

end personal log

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