Monday, April 4, 2011

Seyllin Inquisition

For fuck's sake...

After Targamarr and Harbinger were convicted of crimes against SMERG and General Tso's, Targamarr raged from the corp altogether, dragging Harold Pitts with him. This prompted Justsharkbait to rage alongside his fellow Christian, since he clearly couldn't handle being commanded by a superiorly intelligent leader, myself. He has the typical syndrome that afflicts many people that have raged from the corp. They desire to be in command, but they don't realize they don't have the charisma to inspire underlings to follow them. This is a problem Dereekb, SeththeImmortal, David Shepard2, Comm Pic, and many many more have had. It usually results in them raging from SMERG, forming some bullshit corp, trying to recruit and failing miserably, then finally crawl back or just rage from EvE entirely.

But anyway, after those two raged, Harbinger asked for "his" blueprints back from the corp hangar. With great remorse I contacted Jade, and he explained that none of the blueprints were actually his. This was the last straw as far as his lying. So we purged:

Another noteworthy happenstance was the corp they all ended up in. It's some crap corp with a rip on the SMERG logo in an Alliance that has something mentioniing Seyllin.

So will we permadec them until they disband.


  1. "This is a problem Dereekb... and many many more have had."

    Please tell me when I created a corp of my own after I left.

    I guess the most hilarious part is that your alliance is falling apart. Perhaps if you did more than hang around in some backwater system your member would stick around.

  2. "Falling apart" is not the same as "purging the useless." If anything, we'll improve from here.

    We clearly don't need people that lose Proteii, by the boatload, to Iskurs:

  3. If I remember correctly, one of your major gripes was that you were irritated that people (including yourself) would only do things when certain others were on to lead them.

    The counter point was why can't you lead them yourself? Answer: You don't have the charisma/competence/leadership qualities to do so. Therefore you fit perfectly into that group mentioned in the blog.

    And in your case the fail corp was before SMERG, rather than after.

  4. You should probably remember correctly. The only thing you got right was the "fail corp" I had before SMERG. :v

  5. Apologies. Your constant whining towards the end of your run with us about not having anyone to take you by the hand for pvp must have thrown me off.

  6. What a pathetically limited view, considering I went out and did PvP with a buddy of mine afterwards. No, it was that you guys, the leaders, have no ambition to do anything outside of Seyllin or go any place. The run was hilarious and entertaining, but Seyllin was pretty damn crowded, and if as an Alliance you guys weren't going to "grow" over into other systems or get new members (which I know is what Burseg didn't/doesn't want)...

    I felt like I made the right choice by leaving, even if Vent was never as entertaining.

  7. So what you're saying is you were whining that people wouldn't take you and others by the hand to pvp in other systems or do other activities.

    The "leaders" are the people who have the charisma/competence to instill the confidence in others to do these things.

    As in not you.

    Kind of what I said already.

  8. On another note, its particularly hilarious that you guys think you have charisma to "instill" confidence.

    No, your guys instill fear; your leadership is based off coercion for the lower tier guys; a system somewhat like a dictatorship (or more precisely, an abusive relationship where the individual stays despite being in shitty conditions), and the best part is when someone leaves, you mark them as a pariah (more of why it seems like an abusive system). You guys are basically a corrupt dictatorship.

    I glad thats not me.

    Please say it again.

    Either way, I don't particularly cares what happens to SMERG, but at the current rate its going, you're going to continue to lose good members because of your "leadership".

  9. "On another note" meaning you lost that last round. Don't worry, it happens (to you).

    I just need to make perfectly clear that if we ever had "good" members that you were certainly not one of them.

    When people leave after being particularly whiny or irritating we mark them red. I know it's a terrible fate, it must really be bugging you for you to be so annoyed about it.

    And thanks for caring so little about SMERG that you still check our blog and the comments left on it.

  10. "... continue to lose good members ..."

    Who exactly are these "good" members we lost? I can't think of any off the top of my head.