Friday, April 1, 2011

The Trials of Targamarr and Harbinger

For fuck's sake...

Apparently, when I removed Jade's roles a while back, I forgot to remove them from his alt, Harold Pitts. When he gave the toon to Targamarr, the roles carried over. Within days, this happened:

Which is really code for: HEY, I'M GOING TO STEAL ALL YOUR STUFF. Thankfully, I caught it before anything actually happened, despite 2 days passing.

We questioned both Targamarr and Harbinger about it, and BOTH denied doing it. Targ claims Harb used his computer to give himself the roles, and Harbinger claims he had no knowledge of being given the roles. So obviously, one of them is lying. So we called a trial.

It was conducted, with a LOT of facts, suppositions, evidence, bitching, whining, lolling, raging, finger pointing, (lies?), and of course, ball busting.

We voted, almost unanimously that they were both guilty of attempted corp theft.

The debate then began as to punishment. I decided, in my glorious benevolence, that perma-podding was a bit harsh and uncalled for in this scenario, since nothing actually happened. So I threw it to the idiots in the corp. A brilliant idea, I sadly have to admit, came from Yin. He put forth the punishment for an individual to be banished to slavery inside his C5 wormhole, where they'd have to complete a certain amount of complexes before being allowed out. The individual would not be permitted to bring any scanning equipment, or anything outside of their pods and would be supplied to materials required to function. The profits from their actions would be donated to the corp.

This sounded good at first, but another idea was put forward, from my own glorious mind: Banishment to a new SMERG Penal Colony corp.

The reason this is a suitable punishment is not only the tarnished employment history and 50% tax, but also a medal of shame, as per corp policy on medals.

More details will most likely come to surface, but this is all we have for now, with both members due to start their week-long punishment by Sunday night.

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  1. The prison corporation was my idea you fucking monkey