Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just when BC's dead POS is ceasing to be funny anymore, Burseg comes to the rescue!

"If I get one 'POS low on fuel' mail I am taking the POS down myself and selling the modules for the corp!" - Burseg to every SMERG member who ever had a personal POS.

The limit for the average alliance member is 1 low fuel message, but apparently for our great and noble leader Burseg the limit is somewhere upwards of 24. In fact even after the messages stopped coming, Burseg still refused to remove his POS. Eventually a concerned citizen was kind enough to pick up Burseg's (great and noble) slack and rescue some of the ships (including an Orca) and loot from the POS, and he even removed some of the POS modules for us.

I logged on while it was happening to find an unusually panicked Dark Drifter telling me to log on to Vent. He said it in all caps, so I knew it was urgent!

When I logged on he explained what was happening. My first reaction to this news was that of extreme apathy, which apparently upset Dark.

"NO, I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND! MY ALT IS CURRENTLY BEING PODDED AND THE WH POS IS UNDER ATTACK!" (This was spoken on vent so it lacks the usual spelling errors. Feel free to add them in your head as necessary as you read this.)
"No, I don't think you understand. I don't give a fuck. It's not my POS. And what the fuck do you expect me to do about it?"

Not even Dark knew what he thought I should do about it. And after my calming words of consolation, he seemed to find his head again. He then proceeded to valiantly defend the POS with an unfit Raven (linked above). When the WH was free of intruders, he fueled and onlined the POS (unfortunately) so it will be free to spam Burseg's inbox another day (at least we still have this).

I don't think we are going to let great and noble Burseg live this one down for a while. This is easily the most amusing thing to happen since BC's POS. Actually, this is better than BC's POS, because all that shit was lost due to his own incompetence. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

In other news...
(Stuff that isn't worth blog posts of their own, but are amusing and/or worth mentioning)


Yesterday the ZORZ guys managed to kill a DEP Harbinger (posted manually by yours truly because Burseg sucks at managing the killboard too). Normally killing a Harbinger is less than impressive, but pointing a DEP guy before they manage to dock or log is quite the feat. It's like a whole corp of Saggys.

Afterwards we tried to get them to come out to fight, but there are 4 of us and only like 8 of them, so they wouldn't come out. They even went through the trouble of scanning out our temporary safespot, only to leave us with blueballs (in and around our mouths).

Ninja Salvaging
(Because some people find this shit interesting or amusing)

I had a decent week of ninja salvaging. Here is a breakdown of my ninja salvaging kills from the last 7 days:

Dominix x2
Megathron x3

So lets see... The Brutix was a salvaging ship that the mission runner came back in after he shot me with his mission ship. The Guardian was keeping a Dominix alive in its mission. The Exequror showed up to try to save a PVP fit Mega who was trying to kill my Bhaal (lol). The Paladin joined in to save his Domi buddy who was under attack. The Ishtar was caught because he was trying to return his Ogre II's to his dronebay before warping off, and they were too slow. And the Proteus was originally running the mission in a Hype, but he came back with the Protus either to intimidate me, or to better kill my Imicus. That's pretty much everything interesting I remember off the top of my head about these kills.

In total that is just shy of 3 bill worth of damages, with about 450 mill worth of loot being dropped (according to Battleclinic).

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