Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Many landmark occasions.

For fuck's sake...

A most glorious milestone has finally come. (Hint: Dark Drifter will NEVER see this on his EvEMon.)

That's pretty sweet, right? Yea, I thought so, too.

Also, we took our Proteus fleet for a spin, with tremendous results. Basically the field looked like this:

Then looked like this:

Then our killboard looked like this.

On another note, which I would normally blow off as a minor inconvenience or otherwise blame Dark, but turns out to actually be massively beneficial. Some cock suckers decided to shoot at our POS in our W-space system of J133111 (A class 2 with no bonuses and static lowsec and C2 wormholes). That POS has been up since Apocrypha launched in March 2009. At face value, it sucks serious nutsuck, especially considering the list of shit destroyed looks something like this:
-Faction fit Kronos
-Shit load of random Caldari ships (Ravens, scorps, manticore, etc)
-Hulk (and a bunch of covetors and retrievers)
-FUCK TONS of fullerite gasses (mostly C72, C60, C50, C84, but small amounts of others were there)
-All polymer reactions
-All component bpo's for T3 production
-Who knows how many random mods in the corporate hangar that accumulated over the years.

Anyway, that all sucks serious balls. However, the tower (which was purchased by Syn wayyyy back in the day) is worth about 2.5 Billion, the mods all sold for another 1.2 Billion (all of which collected either over time or purchased by Syn), and my alt is finally free from the slavery of that wormhole. It was becoming tedious to log in each week on an alt I barely used to cycle planets and fuel a tower no one was using besides the occasionally Proteus/Tengu/Legion construction. Saggy recieved the last Proteus ever constructed from that tower at its amazingly discounted price of 50 melted nanoribbons. I'm not entirely sure if I can still build the shit in K-space construction lines in Seyllin, since I've only been using that wormhole for 2 years, but I'll figure it out.

On a side note, here is some screenies of the glorious exodus that led the liberation of Bashar Sardaukar from J133111. He will be a valuable logistics asset in empire, and I can sell the datacores from the hundreds of thousands of RP he's accumulated since leaving K-space 1/5 of a decade ago.

In other news: I'm still awesome and now will rape twice as much face with a dedicated logi alt.

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