Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mediocre Update

For fuck's sake...

Multiple useless things have happened.

1) We are working on a new banner, pooling a ton of ideas together to find something that ultimately will match our style. After much debate we've decided on some variation of the following to be our motto:

"If you can't out gun them, out blob them, or out smart them.... out stupid them."

When used in corrolation with an image similar to this:
Can definitely capture the vibe of my shit alliance. A never-ending uphill struggle of t1 frigs against insurmountable odds. We are going to need A LOT more frigs to really capture what we are about, but we are certainly heading in the right direction.

2) For example:
With overview garbage:

3) Got myself a new KR to collect. Had to lose my Tristan in the process, though :(

4) A new guy Mary is raping all holy face suicide smartbombing haulers in Dodixie. He's made a killing, and reinvests it all into more smartbomb ships. He's crushed a couple pods worth some billions as well, turns out. Very awesome. I see great things coming from this asshole.

5) We have readers! Very good news. They seem to not be very pleased with what I have to say, or are perhaps upset with what I did, and seem to have a grudge against Tristans, the greatest PVP ships in EvE.

They also seem to be convinced that we cared about BC's stupid ass POS... not sure where that assumption came from. I did wholly enjoy seeing that thing finally dead, since now BC has no reason NOT to merge with SMERG as it is inevitable. Every shit member of this shit alliance eventually funnels to the shit center, SMERG. If a member of SMERG has (POACHED) in their title, it means they came from another member corp of General Tso's at one point. There are now way more poached members than originals.
Another piece that is confusing is where he says I should come to null-sec to collect my KRs. This is stupid for several reasons.
A) Why would I go all that way in the first place? I haven't left Seyllin for years, and am wayyyy too lazy to go anywhere.
B) Why would someone go to a place where it is open PVP to collect KR's? The benefit to the KR system is that it allows for surprising an opponent when they least expect it in an area they least expect it, high sec. So that makes little sense.
C) The thing I like A LOT about KR's is its prob the only place where a 1v1 is possible, assuming you catch a target completely unawares. Sure my corp likes to tag along to watch or to harass, and possibly try to pull aggro (hasn't worked yet), but a lot of the time I like to try and see what I'm capable on my own. Going to null-sec destroys that potential challenge. There isn't a single person in null-sec that is looking for a challenge, its why they go there. They get their 10 pilot (minimum) with at least 1 falcon and 2 logistics to combat any single pilot, and as the threat increases, their fleet must grow exponentially. Call it an exaggeration, but I can't remember a "Fun Run" we did where someone met our fleet with an equally sized fleet... or, for that matter, a fleet that was only 1.5X our size. Its usually AT LEAST double our crappy t1 fit t1 cruiser numbers. Its fun to help train the new guys that losses happen and raging over dying is for 12 year olds. We occasionally come out on top of an engagement anyway, provided we kill at least 1 nanofag ship.

Anyway, RL shit calls, so it may be a bit before another glorious update.

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