Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Epix Ballz Killed DEP

For fuck's sake...

After hearing unconfirmed (and thus utterly useless) intel from 1/2 my garbage Alliance about DEP possibly returning to Ane, I had to confirm for myself. I first jumped through into Ane, to see a sizable gate camp consisting of a Devoter, Drake, and Sacrilege, all from the various Pain Vault corps. I tried to get a fleet together, but the targets abandoned the gate within seconds of me spotting them.

I got on my alt, and traveled back and forth between Sey and Ane in a hauler, to be perfectly a legit, not possibly a trap, undefended noob target. He drew the attention of at least the Devoter pilot, who returned to the gate and snagged him. I came through in my neut-fit Dominix. I killed the target with ease, but was promptly re-scrammed by a Drake. Escape with my ship intact was definitely no longer an option, as if it ever was. The blob grew, including everything in this mail, and then some (since some of them were vaginas and contributed by rubbing their Drake against my hull [bumping?] instead).

So, I then called to my Alliance, but it was absolutely too late, well, except that BC was sitting in Creo in Sey, staged to break up the early gate camp, but was conveniently (Saggy Ballz-style) AFK during a moment of glorious PVP. I do not know if two neut Dominixes could have taken the entire fleet, especially since I was not capable of taking the fleet on my own, and BC's idea of a neut Dominix included a 100mm plate and Nosferatu's.

Time passed, and I commanded Salid to contact the Invicta alt that even DEP spotted in Ane local, with one of their noobs broke the surprise by relaying intel in local chat. But, as the above engagement shows, they didn't heed the warning and lost a Megathron anyway. But we made the deal with the devil, and arranged for my sacrificial Vexor to be the cyno for Invicta. Thankfully, I didn't use a more expensive ship.

So, we regrouped, and did it correctly the next time.

Ultimately the POS still died, but none of us give a shit. We told BC to unanchor the mods as well, but he apparently doesn't listen, which is NEWS to me!

The campaign for dominance has started however, and, by my glorious leadership, we will repel the enemy, in the same way as whoever kicked them from whatever nullsec they crawled back from.

And, JUST NOW, I was given this piece of LOL.

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