Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Messican Spy

So today after months and months of planning. I decided it was time to unleash my top secret plan on my fellow corp mate, Col Relentless. I gathered up my fellow inferior white friends from the Deathspank Corporation and headed towards Seyllin. I went into the system and was making small talk with Col.... I docked, called up some fellow prostitutes to come entertain me and acted to be busy making it rain on them hoes inside my captain quarters. Col then came knocking at my door pleading and yelling at the top of his lungs asking for my help. He told he spotted a Proteus-ion outside his window and wanted my help to kill it.....little did he know he was falling right into my tarp. I undocked in my most expensive ship, my Keres, and warped to an empty asteroid belt where no filthy serpentis trooper rat would mess up my plans. I orbited the Deathspank Proteus-ion and called out to this white trash faggot Col to come and help me kill him. Col landed on friend in the Proteus-ion scrammed him and my other white inferior friends jumped into Seyllin and warped to the action. I heard Col yelling across space for my help.....but I cloaked my ship and pretended to not hear his pathetic pleads for help. Once Col was crying tears of blood, begging for The Deathspank Corporation to not blow up his ship, I decided to uncloak and act as if I passed out due to having another anxiety attack. Col ejected from his ship and coward'd back to the station to hide under his bunk. I congratulated my fellow Deathspank Corpmates and left system with them...

...little by little, I am crippling Smerg from the inside.

This is Saggy Ballz 'The Messican that Can' signing off.


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