Monday, June 27, 2011

Suddenly, faggots! Hundreds of them!

I'm far too paranoid to introduce myself properly but you'll probably notice I'm new here. Grats.


It seems our Alliance has had War declared upon it! It really couldn't have come at a better time as I had been grinding security 'like a boss' for the previous 2 weeks from minus nine-point-something so I could hard-core bear it up. Upon reaching a security level which means I can loiter in 1.0 systems again, right on a cue, mail icon flashes and ..."THE GOD SQUAD Declares War Against General Tso's Alliance"

At first, I was mildly miffed at the lost ISK making opportunities but as it turns out, somehow the guys we are at war with are even worse at Eve than General Tso's. How precisely this is possible boggles the mind! Not that you'll find me complaining, something to shoot at that's not going to kill my sec for once.

Still to their credit, these bastards after having paid 100m or whatever to Concord to declare war upon Tso's, have forced us to utilise locator agents and whatnot to go and find them. I can tell these guys have done this kind of thing before and are obviously pr0's.

If someone has hired these guys, It has to be said, that this is ISK well spent, oh yes! especially as I am starting to think it was Burseg that hired them. Wouldn't really surprise me at all at this point.

Note to self: Have to ask them if Killboard padding services like these are a lucrative Eve career choice.

So after using the aforementioned locator agents to find someone, we discover one of these guys tooling about in Navy mega and proceed to deploy our ships in Uemon to intercept in our indomitably haphazard manner. The gang, Bursegs Mighty Meta-Zero Vexorspam Fleet of Doom, actually manages to get into position in time and with a minimum of rage and recrimination along the way.

This is unprecedented.

And almost without a single hitch, Navy Mega jumps in, we tackle and unleash the T1 drone-swarm. Navy mega guy has obviously lolled at this point and opens up on one of our guys while burning back for the gate. Somehow reps are immediately and effectively used and our guy actually manages to survive the attention from our new War Target friend.

Again, utterly unprecedented, we should all be arriving one at a time and dying 'en masse' at this point.

Predictably enough we fail to kill it, partially due to a neutral Guardian turning up. Although at this point Navy Mega has de-aggressed and is zero on the gate, even though he's very low on armour he could have left. Surprisingly with the guardian now on grid , the Navy Mega's confidence is high and re-aggresses.

People start shouting conflicting orders some people burn for the Guardian others send drones and someone else has turned up in a blackbird un-announced and jammed the mega... like a boss! Vent is alive with the sound of raging! Mega leaves and the Guardian escapes.

Yep, we still fail hard but on the upside, we are still managing to curb-stomp these guys despite it.


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