Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Days Back = Two Blob Battles

For Fuck's Sake...

I made it back from vacation with my asshole surprisingly intact, and learned that the EvE player base has been taking a dive due to my absence. I'll rectify this in no time, but not before I lead a fleet into two engagements resulting in 3 wormhole carebear Battleship deaths, and one noob Hurricane the following day.

With the wormhole engagement, I used my manliness to cock tease Dark Drifter until he alerted me to the presence of an occupied wormhole entrance inside Seyllin. I immediately assembled the troops (something that hadn't been done since I left for vacation, mind you), and we were warping to and bubbling the targets in no time flat. Followed by totalhelldeath and rage. Hopefully they added to the dying EvE PCU.

A successful first 15 minutes back from vacation if you ask me. The following day had smaller success, but the dude was a shit-talker, so it was more glorious. Choobs warped Col.Relentless to 0 on a -10 Hurricane that was being cocky at 0m/s 300km from a station in Decon. This resulted in Col. scramming the target long enough for 3 more Proteii (plural for Proteus) to warp in, and molest the target. Not the most 1337 PvP experience, but a good way to get back into the swing of things.

Hopefully we score one more before the night is out, but knowing my shit Alliance, that isn't happening.

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