Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not mah Website, Braugh!

For fuck's sake...

Well, I think we officially pissed off someone enough that they went all 4chan faggy and are DDoS'ing our website, since they clearly can't do anything else to us in game that is worth a damn.

For those unfamiliar, these types of attacks are generally done by 14-year-olds that believe they are part of some bigger internet resistance, but don't have any real balls to attach their face to their cause.

Not to be too preachy, but causes lose credibility if you can't even attach your face to it. And Guy Fawkes was attempting to oust one religious philosophy and replace it with another... so... Fail? Perhaps you should should join a real cause, with real brotherhood.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

bhaals, vindis and carriers


local comms node: seyllin locust

well today started like any other for me, i exited my couch and made for my hanger deck to stare in awe at my bhaalgorn class pirate battleship

after a short while i recived a SATCOM from my alliance companions, asking me to assist in a scouting mission to the system of DECON.

this system is a low security gallente outzone, there is not realy that mutch that DECON has going for it, but nether the less when TSOs scout we scout in style.

so naturaly i took my shiney bhaalgorn and proceesed to BALLE a system with a direct link to DECON

apon entering the system me and my fleet mates warped to the local corperate station and procided to dispatch the local thugs. there fleet consisted of:

1 hurricane class minmatar Battlecruiser
1 abbaddon class amarr battleship
1 hyperion-ion blass gallente battleship
1 thanatos class gallente carrier

to begin with...

i imedietly set my neuting abilitys on the carrier thus ensuring that it could not provide remote assistence to any of its subordinates
the primary DPS target was called as the hurricane he docked and soon after undocked along with:

1 thorax class gallente cruiser
1 myrmadon class gallente battlecruiser
1 brutix class gallente battlecruiser
1 archon class amarr carrier

the archon imedietly launched its fighter wings and began assisting the stricken thanatos. it was at this point that i was called primary by the hostile fleet. it took them a good long while to kill me but in the end it was bound to happen

our fleet suffered only 1 other notable loss:

1 vindicater class pirate battleship

in summery:

we made 4.36 VP compared to there 3.7VP
we also managed to rid eve of 2 abominations (BCs)
while losing only 2 battleships (rairly used in 0.0 so must not be for "leet" PVPrs)

all in all a vary productive evening for general TSOs alliance

end trans.....

Oh, the Huge Manatee!

For fuck's sake...

I think Thomas Jefferson said it best:

"When in the Course of EvE events, it becomes necessary for one group of retards to become bored with the political bands which have tied them to Seyllin, and to assure among the Better Players of EvE, the separate and lower station to which General Tso's Alliance's performance entitles them, a lower level of respect deserved by the opinions of the player base requires that 3XXXD should declare, through actions, how terrible they truly are."

Basically, the assholes got bored, and because I'm the only driving force behind anything remotely entertaining in this alliance, I asked around to see who was where doing what. Salid just so happened to be wandering looking for PvP. He scouted Decon, and told us of a Thanatos, Abaddon, Hurricane, and Hyperion on station, all flashy red. I then scrambled the sub-par fleet that we had together, and bravely sent Mary in as bait in his Vexor, which he lost in seconds. My fleet of 2x Bhaalgorn, 1x Vindicator, 1x Machariel warped in at various ranges on the station, managed to get a good foothold on the engagement, even as additional craft undocked. The Bhaal's, by my glorious command, neuted the shit out of the Thanatos, and I promptly chewed through the sub-BS's that undocked, until an Archon emerged, then... well.. let me animate the engagement through images since I forgot to run fraps:

Okay, they aren't all the same ship... and one isn't even a boat, but you get the damn idea. I issued the deagress order to hopefully save the assholes their ships, but the DPS was extremely in the enemy's favor, and my bad ass alt in his Oneiros couldn't even save our ass. The engagement was horrendously stacked against us from the get-go, and become downright impossible to win once that Archon entered the field.  Dark, the noob that he is, died next. I was bravely in the fray, and had no chance to warp and not enough time to dock. We lost approx 4B in that engagement. Time to run Incursions, I suppose.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

PEW's Wartargets Stumbled Into Seyllin

For fuck's sake...

Let me start off by announcing the killboard for my shit Alliance has a much more fitting banner, one that Saggy Ballz is upset doesn't include his face. We didn't tell him, however, that the reason we switched the logo was because his face was making visitors vomit. This is what we have now:

Very awesome, indeed. I also ordered a vanity plate for my car IRL that will read: SMERG, as an homage to my shit corp, and slightly less shitty FPS clan. I will be sure to take a picture of my tire running over a kitten or small child and that will become the banner for our forum.

In actual EvE-related news, we watched a fleet of about 15 ships align and warp to the Seyllin gate in Mets, and after short research, we found out they were at war with PEW, who are valiantly laying claim to Seyllin from the Mets station. Anyway, since that war isn't actually started, I'm assuming these Seventh Vanguard homos were swinging by Mets in an attempt to scare PEW. PEW gave an awesomely clever taunt in local:

lancemate > see u tomorrow boys

And then the warp jumped into Seyllin. I followed on my alt, in his bait-erion Mark IV, which they eventually engaged with 3 of their noobier members. They didn't scram him, so I warped off... as Burseg's Vindicator showed up on gate, followed by Choob's NOT-DUAL PROPPED Vindicator, Tw1ch1's Sleipnir, BCSUPREME's Megathron (most likely fail fit), and eventually the minority members, Saggy and Lord, managed to nigger on the mails. I have to give credit to my alt in his Oneiros (and maybe roundhouse76's as well, but that's neither here nor there) to keeping me from a costly repair bill. We slaughtered as much as we could point, and the rest warped off. The aftermath looked something like this:

Saggy jumped through, grabbed a Drake that thought it was a good idea to jump into hisec while GCC, and it was promptly Concordokkenned. An Exequorer met the same fate earlier, when it was attempting to provide logistics to its fail fleet with 4x small remote armor repairers. I should take this time to mention that Brusanan was "not coming for a bunch of cruisers" and was instead bumping a neutral Dominix in Balle in a Fleet Stabber... yea.....

But, I informed PEW of the engagement, since I doubt the Seventh Vanguard would do so, and the response was short, but sweet, with a lot of lulz had by all...
...except Seventh Vanguard, of course: