Sunday, August 21, 2011

bhaals, vindis and carriers


local comms node: seyllin locust

well today started like any other for me, i exited my couch and made for my hanger deck to stare in awe at my bhaalgorn class pirate battleship

after a short while i recived a SATCOM from my alliance companions, asking me to assist in a scouting mission to the system of DECON.

this system is a low security gallente outzone, there is not realy that mutch that DECON has going for it, but nether the less when TSOs scout we scout in style.

so naturaly i took my shiney bhaalgorn and proceesed to BALLE a system with a direct link to DECON

apon entering the system me and my fleet mates warped to the local corperate station and procided to dispatch the local thugs. there fleet consisted of:

1 hurricane class minmatar Battlecruiser
1 abbaddon class amarr battleship
1 hyperion-ion blass gallente battleship
1 thanatos class gallente carrier

to begin with...

i imedietly set my neuting abilitys on the carrier thus ensuring that it could not provide remote assistence to any of its subordinates
the primary DPS target was called as the hurricane he docked and soon after undocked along with:

1 thorax class gallente cruiser
1 myrmadon class gallente battlecruiser
1 brutix class gallente battlecruiser
1 archon class amarr carrier

the archon imedietly launched its fighter wings and began assisting the stricken thanatos. it was at this point that i was called primary by the hostile fleet. it took them a good long while to kill me but in the end it was bound to happen

our fleet suffered only 1 other notable loss:

1 vindicater class pirate battleship

in summery:

we made 4.36 VP compared to there 3.7VP
we also managed to rid eve of 2 abominations (BCs)
while losing only 2 battleships (rairly used in 0.0 so must not be for "leet" PVPrs)

all in all a vary productive evening for general TSOs alliance

end trans.....

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