Sunday, August 7, 2011

PEW's Wartargets Stumbled Into Seyllin

For fuck's sake...

Let me start off by announcing the killboard for my shit Alliance has a much more fitting banner, one that Saggy Ballz is upset doesn't include his face. We didn't tell him, however, that the reason we switched the logo was because his face was making visitors vomit. This is what we have now:

Very awesome, indeed. I also ordered a vanity plate for my car IRL that will read: SMERG, as an homage to my shit corp, and slightly less shitty FPS clan. I will be sure to take a picture of my tire running over a kitten or small child and that will become the banner for our forum.

In actual EvE-related news, we watched a fleet of about 15 ships align and warp to the Seyllin gate in Mets, and after short research, we found out they were at war with PEW, who are valiantly laying claim to Seyllin from the Mets station. Anyway, since that war isn't actually started, I'm assuming these Seventh Vanguard homos were swinging by Mets in an attempt to scare PEW. PEW gave an awesomely clever taunt in local:

lancemate > see u tomorrow boys

And then the warp jumped into Seyllin. I followed on my alt, in his bait-erion Mark IV, which they eventually engaged with 3 of their noobier members. They didn't scram him, so I warped off... as Burseg's Vindicator showed up on gate, followed by Choob's NOT-DUAL PROPPED Vindicator, Tw1ch1's Sleipnir, BCSUPREME's Megathron (most likely fail fit), and eventually the minority members, Saggy and Lord, managed to nigger on the mails. I have to give credit to my alt in his Oneiros (and maybe roundhouse76's as well, but that's neither here nor there) to keeping me from a costly repair bill. We slaughtered as much as we could point, and the rest warped off. The aftermath looked something like this:

Saggy jumped through, grabbed a Drake that thought it was a good idea to jump into hisec while GCC, and it was promptly Concordokkenned. An Exequorer met the same fate earlier, when it was attempting to provide logistics to its fail fleet with 4x small remote armor repairers. I should take this time to mention that Brusanan was "not coming for a bunch of cruisers" and was instead bumping a neutral Dominix in Balle in a Fleet Stabber... yea.....

But, I informed PEW of the engagement, since I doubt the Seventh Vanguard would do so, and the response was short, but sweet, with a lot of lulz had by all...
...except Seventh Vanguard, of course:

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