Monday, September 26, 2011

Introducing Caid Sardaukar

For fuck's sake...

What a sexy slut. She's smirking at my small penis, of course, thinking "That's it?"

Meet my new, dedicated suicide gank alt. She's going to sprint-train into suicide ganking Thoraxes and Brutixes and perhaps smartbombing Typhoons. Since I have zero faith that the rest of my shit ass corp can possibly scratch the surface of my suicide ganking prowess, I created her. I did not feel like having Burseg going -10 again, as well, so this is a much better alternative. There also comes a time when you realize that you are just training skills to 5 because you don't want to be NOT training, and I think I've hit that wall with Burseg. So I'll be taking a break from training random ass Caldari ship skills I'll never use, and max out a suicide ganker.

The main driving force behind the creation of Caid was our venturing into ransoming miners in surrounding 0.5 systems. We will start in Balle, spreading into Villore, Clort, and perhaps down the Deltole pipe. I opened a corp office in Aufay for staging of ganking ships, and will be purchasing an Orca for corp use on Bashar for rapid deployment inside of Balle. I set up several safe spots above every belt, where our fleets will literally descend onto Hulks. It will at least look cool, even though it won't make our penises any bigger.

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