Friday, September 23, 2011

My Awesomeness!!!!! It was LEGEND...wait for it...DARY

No shit there I was

just minding my own business killing a POS with my fagass alliance mates, when some fleet gets ballsy and warps in on us. they fuck around a bit then they engage our gay(i can't leave lowsec) resident i kill haulers guy. in the process we take down one of theres a split second before we lose him

so we screw around a few moments and decide to go get our Pirate BS fleet and try to push them out of our homeland. we land on gate and starting locking and shooting everything to get them to leave. in the process of this we catch a nice little claymore off the gate and proceed to rape him like a bad bestiality flick.

i would like to point out my awesomeness on both of those kills. tops man tops.

and on the Claymore i engaged a full 10 seconds after everyone else did.

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