Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Defending the Homeland

Over the past few weeks, seyline has been filled with people who talk shit about our corp and run from every fight and run the drug outlet as though it is their only source of income. There where two main fags that show up every night and rag the drug outlet. Colt flew jags and the other fag flew a hookbill. Now, the fag flying the jag was a complete fag and was buffer fit. I offered to 1v1 colt in my ishkur. After warping around for 10 mins, he finally decided to surprise engage me on the station. I shot back, but didn't break his buffer fast enough and lost. Burseg was later was barley was able to kill one of colts jags and was in structure by the time he did. Guess Colt felt he could kill most ishkurs. Then our corp tried to snipe the hookbill and jag on the station in glass cannon fit battleships, but could never break the tank before the fags docked.

So, I decided rather then bitching and crying about how we could never point them, to find a way to point them and stay alive while the rest of the corp could decide to come in and kill them. So, I tested my new theory, and was able to get and have my corp members come kill 2 jags, a 200 mil enyo, 2 hookbills and a few t1 frigs. Now, none of these targets would have been caught with standard methods and even killed corp members who attempted to come in and kill them. Even the fag who used to fly the buffer fit jags, could not have been sniped by Burseg, unless I would have gone in with a cloaking ares and caught him in his jags. So, there you have it, my strategy turned out to be a huge success, despite my corp members not showing up half the time to kill the targets.


  1. In the unlikely event this blog even has any readers now let me just highlight something:

    Cloaking ares.

    That, and terrible grammar throughout

  2. This just further proves that ManOfOneWay is the best player of this game.

  3. Instead of complaining that you couldn't point the targets you resorted to pointing the targets and then complaining that you can't kill them.

  4. I usually do not enjoy reading FICTION , however this particular STORY deserves a reply. I found the characters to be compelling and the story had some interesting twists. I feel the story was generally lacking ............ in skill. Failfitting an interceptor is nothing to brag about. Im reminded of a quote from the film Animal House : " Drunk , fat , and stupid is no way to go through life son." If you point a target and he has time to LOG OFF before you can kill him , you should just give up.

    All my Best

    P.S. I do not think i can kill most Ishkurs , but i am certain I can kill Mary's. :)