Friday, September 23, 2011

Small Engagements break up Monotony

For fuck's sake...

We've been field testing our POS-clearing system, in the hopes to eventually move towards a position where renting in Ane will one day be possible for us.

We still suck ass at it, however, so that goal is potentially years away. I'll be commanding a far more competent Dust division of SMERG, claiming the surfaces of all the planets, LOOOOONG before the asshats we have in space pull their shit together.

For example, the ONE night we had slated this week to kill the CJ tower was tonight, with roll-over to potentially Saturday on reinforced.

Above: How NOT to fit a POS.
As predicted, tonight had the least people involved of the three nights of sieging. We did take town two of the active towers, however, and an offline one. This is where shit got interesting. Several pilots from Sleeper Social Club entered Seyllin, and b-lined into Ane.

While myself, Choobs, Col and Dark exited our siege cycles, noob-ass Brukemia remained in his because, well, he's a noob and sucks at this game. The decent dread pilots warped to station to ship down to more capable PvP ships, effectively leaving Huntin4Penis69 to die. This was a monumental occasion, as that asshole usually only engages catalysts on gate in his Tengu. I tried to save his ass with my alt in logistics, but the enemy fleet was swarming with tackle frigs and I had to bail when an Ares came burning up his ass.

We re-consolidated, reshipped into our shiny fleet, which has an excellent track record, and warped to Aporulie gate. I excellently cycled through primaries. It went something along the lines of:

Burseg: Armageddon is primary, jumped; Hurricane is primary, jumped; WEAPONS FREE! Shoot everything!

At this time, the targets all jumped through in panic, leaving their command ship behind, at a range of 20km+ from the gate. He attempted to burn inward, but my excellent point and web range fucked his day up. He was scrammed and webbed at 15km, and I MWD'd right into him, crushing his hopes of a safe escape. While this was happening, I might add, Mary was FLIPPING OUT on vent that he was under attack, because he thought that, while we were fighting a glorious battle, that his time would be best served looting the field in Ane. He SCREAMED for help, not clarifying where he was, what was happening, who was killing him, or what he was in.... as usual. He died, of course.

We returned to the tower, killed it, and jumped the ships out to die another day.

In the mean time, Mary was shipping some shit for us into Sey, stopping paying attention because he fucking SUCKS AT THIS GAME, and lost his Iteron V, while once again losing his mind on vent and NOT relaying a god damn piece of useful information. We will not be paying him for shit that was not delivered.

It was at this time that Huntin4Penis informed us that the Sleeper fleet had returned, in bigger ships, with logisitics. It was nothing we couldn't handle with our shiny fleet, not by a long shot, but Choobs and Salid bitched out and logged. We then decided to fly some Tristans against their fleet and get some Kill rights for later collecting. They definitely caught on, as they didn't proceed to kill RectAnus when he tried the same.

We chased them from system, not managing to catch any (mostly because Dark Drifter is absolutely horrible at EvE). And will wait a couple weeks to let them forget about it.

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