Saturday, October 29, 2011

30 Minute Transition Time

For fuck's sake...

As the previous two campaigns were coming to a close, we received this little tidbit of information:

This gave us a grand total of 30 minutes to decompress between wars. Before I move onto the new war's launch, I'll summarize the past two.

First, the "We Aren't CHAEM" campaign.

SUCCESS. Despite ZorZ best efforts to make us fail, we (SMERG) pulled our shit together in several skirmishes the resulted in far more ISK destroyed than lost, and overall victory was achieved.

The BDEAL/CHAEM campaign is a different story. Our relentless onslaught of Battleship losses the first day was a massive tactical error in retrospect, but I accept none of the blame and defer it all to Yin's shitty POS's.

I'd like to take this moment to ask noobs a question. Why do you undock in haulers/mission running ships/mining ships during a war? Do you believe the war doesn't apply to you when you are in a defenseless ship? You aren't special, and "watching local" does nothing, as evident from the many many mission runner losses in the past.

During the CHAEM war, Rectanus, an individual I thought WASN'T a total noob, lost a Bestower.... right outside of Dodixie, most likely EN ROUTE to Dodixie... a hub where our war targets were known to be in. I've yet to hear an explanation, but I guarantee anything he says will be fail. Then tonight, Kaphine, a MinYin, undocked in Seyllin, after a night of insane fights, with crazy bloodthirsty war targets in nano-faggy Minmatar bullshit flying around, in his Iteron Mark III. His goal was to "get his hauler to Clort." Why he needed to do this AT THAT MOMENT is beyond me, and he was without explanation. At least Rectanus most likely didn't know that enemies were around.

Anyway, without further ado, the new war's current campaign stats:

A breakdown of the engagements:
1) The enemy showed up in Seyllin, with an Ares. We responded by unleashing our Ishkurs, pushing the enemy back into Mets, to the Erme gate. We then were ambushed by a Cynabal, Hurricane, and Taranis. The Taranis was quickly eliminated, and the Cynabal was keeping range with the Ares, which left the Hurricane as primary. Both I and Hot Tubes fell to the DPS before Bashar's logistics ship could get in range, and my destruction released the point on the Hurricane, so it escaped. The Cynabal made the mistake of coming within scramble range of the Ishkurs, and died very quickly as the rest of the fleet arrive.

2) We then sent Hot Tubes in his Vindicator to camp outside their main station in Villore, as the rest of us shipped up to our shiny fleet. The enemy undocked into him, and we warped to Choobs, and mopped the floor with the enemy fleet, with no losses.

3) We shifted gears, keeping the enemy always guessing what our strategy would be, shipping way down to our glorious Tristans (visible to the right of this wall of text-->). We managed to bump a bait Drake that was playing docking games off station, and murdered him under our bad ass wall of fire. We were pushed back from Villore by growing enemy numbers, and because a member of our fleet (Dark Drifter) figured that a better use of his time would be to go and kill some rats that were about 100km from the engagement zone for whatever the fuck reason.

4) Immediately afterwards, we sent most of the fleet back to Seyllin to ship back up to the shiny fleet, leaving a couple SMERG members in Villore to keep the enemy fleet interested. They included Iron Straw, Kaphine and Mary. Iron hit a huge lag spike during one of his undocking teases, and was podded, leaving.... MARY as our primary"hope." It worked decently, providing us a single kill as the rest of their fleet docked in terror.

5) We fell back to Seyllin, this time giving the enemy the chance to be on the offensive. They brought a pretty large nano-fag fleet, consisting of interceptors, Vagabonds, Cynabals, and a Hound. We reacted with the infamous, battle-hardened Vexor blob. The initial engagement occurred in a large, straight line from the Mets gate, aligned to the Seyllin star. Warping between the gate the star, the engagement was chaotic, and quite length, the kill board estimating around 15-20 minutes long. In the end, we had several cruiser losses, but we destroyed two ceptors, two Vagabonds, and a stealth bomber, AND held the field.

6) After a brief decompression time, we sent scouts to Villore and Dodixie to get eyes-on enemy movement. Since they are easily the ballsiest and most active war targets we have ever had, we were not surprised to see them still mobilizing. We spotted two in the Dix, most likely refitting new ships, and had to move quick to bottle them in. We didn't make it in time, and the enemy fleet moved off into Seyllin, most likely in an attempt to counter-blockade us. I flew the fleet into the enemy's fleet, and fought once again on the Erme gate in Mets. We once again emerged victorious against far more valuable ships.

7) There was many more minutes of chasing a Stabber pair and Vagabond around Seyllin, and with no kills, we eventually called an end to the ops. That was, until they jumped into Ane after Kaphine's hauler... This bothered Yin, and I quickly devised a strategy. After one of the targets said goodbye for the night, leaving a Vagabond and Stabber in Ane, I positioned the fleet on the gate, and commanded Yin to push his Iteron Mark V into Seyllin. The enemy fell for the trap, and after some dancing around, we successfully destroyed both craft.

Needless to say, this war has been the most exciting one in recent memory, and quite possibly, in all of General Tso's history. Unlike the merc decs we usually receive, these guys are based out of Villore, 3 jumps from Seyllin and are extremely ballsy, and willing to fight against our superior numbers. This war will bring hell to Villore, Seyllin, Mets, Erme, Botane and Dodixie, unlike any other war in our past.

We look forward to the remainder of the week.

P.S. One more Vaga to close out the night.

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