Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My finger slipped

Chaos Empire has been kicked from the alliance.

Don't get me wrong, I love wars. The reason for the war was stupid though (smack talking). And to make matters worse the culprit firmly stated he would continue to do it. He felt that an honourable 1v1 against our best PvPer would somehow prove, if he won, that smack talking is the right thing to do.

This made a lot of sense, or something, so we sent our best fighter against theirs.

Mary met Timmah in glorious battle at planet 1 in mets. Unfortunately there was a series of cataclysmic errors. I somehow repped Timmah and Salid somehow killed Mary.

That's besides the point. Apart from that Timmah started talking shit about bringing some dep friends (BDEAL) against us in Sey, then some dep people were waiting at planet 1 for the fight and in local.

Based on the smacktalking, the fact people within their corp was backing Timmah up on the smacktalking, and the dep connections, we voted and kicked them.


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