Saturday, October 22, 2011

Operation "I CHAEM on Your Father's Chest" - CASEVAC Request

*dives into trench, grabs the handset from the nearby decapitated Comm guy... Mutters "fucking POG" under his breath*

SMERG Actual to Alliance BAS, standby for CASEVAC 9-line.

Line 1 - (Location) Ane Star System
Line 2 - (Call Sign) General Tso's
Line 3 - (Precedence) Alpha (Urgent)
Line 4 - (Special Equipment) "Charlie" (clone vat bay)
Line 5 - (Number of Patients by Type) 3 Papa (podded), 13 Lima (litters).
Line 6 - (Security of LZ) - Xray (enemy troops in area).
Line 7 - (Marking) - Whiskey Charlie (d-scan for the wrecks and corpses)
Line 8 - (Nationality) - 6 Alpha (US), 2 Charlie (non-US)
Line 9 - (NBC Contamination) - Foxtrot (feces)

How copy????


For fuck's sake...

CHAEM has joined the ranks of BDEAL, as previously predicted. Its a well-known rule of EvE that ill-equipped corps will find bigger friends to handle their problems for them... and by EvE I mean real life.

The war has been brought to the home front, or rather, our inferior neighbor system of Ane, where Yin put up a lot more towers than I originally thought he had. They made a glorious battleground for the first engagements of the escalated conflict.

Our first insane attempt involved getting Yin's carrier into Ane so he can repair his crap towers, while simultaneously losing all our BS's to a fleet approximately twice our size. Mission accomplished.

Next step involved warping our battle-hardened Vexor fleet against a lone Proteus, which was joined by a Hurricane and Drake. Primary switched to the cane, and but the onslaught of 5x the pilots against us was a little more than our brave Vexors could handle. Oh, and apparently my idiot piloting error resulting in fail-cascade loss of my Oneiros is counted as a component in the engagement.

Third strategy involved the first Beta-test for our sniper fleet. It worked slightly, but noobs being what they are, we still managed to lose more than we destroyed in the engagement... including a pod. We warped in an out for a while, harassing their fleet. It was surprisingly more fun than I imagined, and one Brutix kill more effective than I thought it would be.

The final engagement (as of this posting) happened outside our shitty home station in Seyllin. Of all the engagements, this one had the fairest number of participants, and was all-around a good fight. Something I can acknowledge about our shitty Alliance is that we certainly can come toe-to-toe against any similar numbered fleet. Sometimes these idiots still manage to pleasantly surprise me.

As of this posting, the campaign appears as such:

Oh, and the other assholes' campaign its better, after a day of me taking SMERG on an un-fucking spree to undo the losses ZorZ and the SMERG d-squad had mindlessly blown for the first two days of the war. I sadly feel that this war is going to take a back seat for the remainder of the CHAEM/BDEAL campaign, even though these Powerpuff guys were a blast to fight against.

And I'll leave with a nice translation fail or something... not sure if its a problem with Google translate or something, but this person didn't really know the meaning of English words, and I corrected him.
[01:03:37] some guy (sic) > hmm wouldnt calling us targets mean you actually shot and destroyed somethin?
[01:04:09] Burseg Sardaukar > no, a target implies targetting something
[01:04:15] Burseg Sardaukar > a victim implies death

Oh, I also promised our long-time-frenemy Nimits* that I would mention his small penis. I applaud him for his honesty, and welcome him into the club.

*Thx to Luav for spellcheck.

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  1. I can't wait until I next have some tool talking shit all day long in local at us.

    I mean other than our alliance peeps who already do that.