Sunday, October 2, 2011

They Are Already Inside the HOUSE!

For fuck's sake...

Our Mr. Moneybags (Manalapan) decreed that he wanted a POS removed, and since 1/2 our dreads are technically owned by him, we sort of had to comply. That and we don't like the idea of Choobs making any more money in Incursions, so stopping him from doing that is always a good idea. We cyno'ed into Ane, with the usual hiccups of people not having fuel (stront OR isotopes) and sat around for another 10 minutes after waiting for Choobs to travel the hour from the Incursion constellations. But before we knew it, we were grinding that tower like no tomorrow.

It started all fine and dandy, despite delays, and it was only about two siege cycles in that we realized the tower DIDN'T HAVE STRONT!

It seems the Gods of inter-species homosexuality were smiling on us, at first. We entered our third siege cycles, taking the tower out in no time flat. This is when shit hit the fan.

Lol. Needless to say there was much fake-screaming on vent and sighs of acceptance from all the inept members of my shit alliance for the inevitable. The Nyx's chose a proper primary, Comm's shit Naglfar. They then made the mistake of shooting at BE3DEXOD's ungodly Phoenix. It was this mistake that probably saved half of our fleet, as we exited siege and made a tactical retreat of several ships. It was then that the late-sieged Choobs and Lydia were primaried, with Lydia ultimately getting her ass handed to her, and Choobs entering warp at half armor. This left Maren on the field, who then was murdered.

But, an absolute shit ton of stuff dropped at the POS, including ANOTHER POS tower which was inside their corp hangar array. We certainly didn't come out on top, by any means, but the entire engagement was a blast (lol, get it...). I enjoyed  maneuvering Bashar in a Viator between the fighter bombers to scoop any drops from the recently murdered dreads. Sadly the Nyx's caught on quick and just popped the wrecks, so the effort was almost fruitless aside from a couple mods from the Naglfar.

The scary realization, however, is that there was no cyno to bring the Nyxes into Ane. This leaves the only option that the ships were already inside the system, like a bad campfire scary story. 

Needless to say, we will be running locators on those pilots over the coming weeks to see when/if they vacate before we move into the next stage of Ane-wiping. It is a pretty big waste for three+ Nyxes to be logged in Ane for weeks, and I'm sure our ridiculous level of patience will out last them. After all, of all those that have come and gone from the Seyllin/Ane area, the only alliance that remains is our shitty ass General Tso's. Hell, gigantic nullsec blocs have been broken up during our existence, and we remain.

Oh, and our Incursion money will have to fund the replacement of the recently killed dread fleet, but orders are already placed and we should be back to full capacity within the next month.

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  1. Confirming that I didn't want Yin's Phoenix anyway.