Saturday, October 15, 2011

We lost a Chimera

A good rule to follow is always put a point on your ship first and then fit your tank and DPS around it. Even if you only have tank and a point, you are still able to get kills because you can hold a target there until other people in the alliance get there. My ares was and still is a perfect example of how you can get good kills by simply following this rule. Now, you may be asking, why the hell am I bringing this shit back up? A rather common situation happened today in which retards in our alliance failed to get a kill because a target was not pointed. So, that's why I am explaining this to everyone again in the slim hope that maybe, just maybe this time they will listen and learn. Five watched a Chimera warp off from a finished mission. Wishing someone, anyone, even for a few mins could place a point on that carrier. Turns out, one of them had a point and was jammed by some drones. We can lose targets all day long or we can start fitting points on our ships. It's entirely up to us.



    Also, you half wit, "your" ares sounds like you've finally listened to us and bought the ares we told you to get as it's role is to tackle stuff until other people come, not to deal dps. Very clever of you to buy something we told you to and fit it to do what we told you.

  2. I can't even fucking tell you how raged this post made me. My alt scanned this target, huntin tackled the target. Despite what one might infer from the above, Mary was not in an ares, nor did mary get jammed. Mary's job was to keep a second fucking point on the target but he was so fucking paniced about losing his shitty brutix that he warped out every 5 minutes.

    Note to Aussies...Don't bring catalysts and thoraxes to kill a carrier that is all