Wednesday, November 16, 2011


For fuck's sake.

CCP has announced the name of the upcoming winter expansion. And I, for one, love it:

It does, however, differ from another Crucible I experienced, as that one was more fun. Lawl, jay kay.

This, however, did show up during my Google search, which appears to be WAY more fun, for realz.

Anyway, I'll try to give as many details as possible. First, new nebulae, engine trails, shadow effects, and an update to ship models to V3 (Trinity brought V2, and its been several years. Also, popular theory has it so that the ships will be able to accept custom paint jobs and Alliance/Corp Logos. Look @ where that the Gallente symbols are.)

Some ships got drastic overhauls, like the Phobos.

And the Raven's hull. Some of the faction ships were reskinned, since their old designs looked like shit. The new Caldari Navy skin is fucking awesome, with the gray digital camouflage.

The EXTREMELY RARE Guardian Vexor has finally been given a skin to distinguish it from the tech 1 variant. It has the Serpentis Gray/Black camouflage pattern that looks pretty sweet, but pales in comparison of the Caldari Navy shit.


And here's a side-by-side of the Megathron Navy Issue and the Vindicator. Both are fucking bad ass looking, but once again, not nearly as cool as the digital camouflage the Caldari Navy has.

Also, some technical bullshit, like being able to drag fittings into the market and have the entire fit added to the quick bar. The UI is able to be resized, which is pretty sweet for old farts that think they are hip by playing space MMO's, but can't read without their bifocals. Also, new font is pretty cool as well.Corp and Alliance chats can now have messages of the day, get ready for many "Choobs is a Faggot" messages.

As a sweet foot-in-the door for mini-sovereignty in lowsec, they are allowing players to take control of all Planetary Customs Offices. We can set their access, and tax brackets depending on standings and alliance membership. It'll be pretty sweet.

Turrets, when they "miss" now have an effect that misses the target. There's a "loot all" button I know is going to take me several weeks to get used to. The maps, both stellar and solar, are upgraded to be easier to see shit inside of them. Something to do with anomalies was changed... don't care. Rumor-mill is saying that drawbacks from Boosters have been removed, haven't actually confirmed that first hand, but it would definitely be a step towards that "player enforcing Customs laws" like Torfifrans mentioned earlier this year, that would be coupled with Establishments (Crucible 1.5?). New cyno, as well, and a warp tunnel that goes black inside of celestial bodies and "emerges" on the other side, and actually visibly "warps" things.

Hybrids were supposedly going to be balanced, but the current "buff" is tracking and fitting bullshit, 5 second reload, blah blah blah. It won't cut it. I describe WHY <----here.

CCP has also made the monument at Jita IV-4 appear damaged. This was the site of the "Jita Riots" after the fail-cascade that was Incarna was launched, with monocle-gate and the Fearless newsletter, and Hilmar's personal email ("watch what they do, blah blah"). Anyway, it's an awesome move by CCP.

Last but not least, there are 4 Tier 3 battle cruisers being added. Their purpose are massive glass cannons, most likely to behave as anti-super caps. They each have 8 hislots, and as of this post, are ALL turret boats. The Naga (Caldari) originally was diverse, with the ability to fit either Torps or Hybrids, but that idea got shit-canned, most likely because it would relegate Torp Ravens to beyond useless. They are all fast as fuck, lightly tanked as all hell, and the Minmatar one (Tornado) is the best. Surprise, surprise on that one. The Talos (Gallente) will most likely be used to suicide-gank Orcas, at least that the Alliance purpose for them. (BTW, CONCORD'd ships will not get insurance, but that hardly matters.)

Oh, and something I might actually use, now that it is optional:

P.S. This:

I'm sure I've missed a bunch of shit, sue me. However, just with this stuff, this is shipping up to be the best expansion since Apocrypha. I've attached a picture of my joy from this year's Xmas card.

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