Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Hope Grinding Those Structures is Fun...

For fuck's sake...

After taking some time to wander the EvE-O forums today, I came across an old war target's blog post, that apparently won a short story competition. Normally I'm a conceited dick and don't give any credit to the accomplishments of others, but since this blog features me, I feel that I should give a shout-out in return. Congrats, Rhavaz, on your short story.

As anyone from 3XXXD can attest to, however, our voice comms are much more profanity-filled and possibly containing borderline illegal conversations that dissolve into a cacophony during PvP (or... what we consider PvP).

I'm still about 24 hours from returning to a gaming-capable computer. My rig, pictured below.

And my Alliance was fully prepared for my absence and took measures to ensure they would too "occupied" to log in during round 2 of the BDEAL war. Pictured below, YinandYang and Mary.

Apparently a lot of Yin's structures are being harassed and/or reinforced, so that's always funny to hear about. Both because Yin is inconvenienced and because it really sucks sieging shit, especially when the defenders don't particularly care enough to defend them. Lulz^2.

Intel I'm being relayed tells me that Pandemic Legion wanted in on some cap ship kills, so Dark threw away his dread for the cause. I'm sure much rage and smack was had in local while the Tso's guys took the general approach of laughing at our own idiocy. Great success.

As I've said many many times before, there are always bigger fish, but SMERG is abnormally patient for a group of disorganized tards and that quality has outlasted a great number of opposing forces. Entire power blocs have risen and collapsed elsewhere in EvE, infamous Merc Alliances have splintered into less effective shards of their former glory, but Tso's carries on, like those warts in your urethra that you hope your wife won't find.

We are still corrupting the small number of dickheads that are immature enough to join us and remain among our ranks, and will continue to do so for a long time to come.


  1. LOL Hi Burseg. We had an absolute blast in that war. Hope you guys don't object to any of the characterization, it's all intended in fun. And yeah, based on this blog I figured it wouldn't be quite so tidy on comms, but didn't want the story to lose just out of sheer FUCK volume. :)

    Kaphine was fun to banter with and it sounds like you guys massacred a couple of our fleets early on before I got logged on.

    Glad you enjoyed.



    PS 1M ISK CSPA? Ouch. I'll post on your blog instead!

  2. Go to know you don't mind being a punching bag, lol