Monday, December 12, 2011

POCO Destruction... Erection.. Destruction... Re-Erection. Erection.

For fuck's sake...

After a mild set-back (pictured below):

We have redoubled our efforts, putting Customs Offices into orbit of most of the planets in Seyllin and Ane to counter-act the insane tax hike CCP felt was necessary for Planetary Interaction. BDEAL came through, annihilated everything that their superior numbers felt like destroying, and left when they became bored, as predicted. It seems only the idiot likes of my alliance can tolerate extended occupation of these two shit hole systems.

Anyway, we have replaced every Customs Office in Ane for a second time, and held all the "valuable" planets in Seyllin, with plans to slowly replace the remaining CO's as we muster the numbers and materials to do so. For the time being, I believe Yin is going to replace the towers he lost during the war, sucks to be him, but apparently he was making good ISK-age from that moon-goo-meth lab he had cooking.

We are most likely going to jump back into Incursions ASAP, for ISK, LP, and sec status. With Hulkageddon V on the horizon, and the boost to Catalysts/blasters from Crucible, we are all foaming at the mouth. It's apparent that 2 T1 fit Catalysts have no problem whatsoever of ganking a Hulk in a 0.5. Space will run pink with the crystallized blood, tears, and semen from gankers and ganked alike.

P.S. Made my first NeX purchase. Hooker goth boots for my slut alt. Now that there is full-avatar preview, it is almost* worth it.

*almost = not

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